HSN HQ Is Moving Virtually – A Letter To Our Members

Hi Name, 

I just wanted to give you an update on the coronavirus and how it affects you and our business. 

Please watch this video if you haven’t already >>HERE. (https://youtu.be/igUoST_zHac)

Our highest priority is to help you stay healthy during this crazy time. 

As you probably have noticed, in an effort to limit the spread of coronavirus, many places have shut down. While we have done everything possible to limit exposure and keep HSN extra clean, we know that only social distancing is going to slow down the spread. We have decided to do our part.  

We have made the toughest decision ever and will be closing the HSN HQ location starting tonight. Tomorrow, you will be able to come by between the hours of 8AM-10Am and 5:30PM-6:30PM to check out equipment at no cost to you. 

What does this mean for you?

We are committed to providing you even better service virtually thought accountability, support and individualized programs! Get ready! 

We ask that you set up a virtual call with us using the appointment link >>HERE. 

During this call, we will help create a plan that is realistic for you to help you Stay Healthy! 

You might have noticed already, we created a community facebook group. Join the group >>HERE.

We will be posting nutrition tips, recipes, workout tips and so much more in there every day while we are closed!

What we ask from you– keep yourself and your health a priority. Use the support we are providing you to focus on your nutrition, stress management and staying active at home. We have some “fun” at home workouts planned over the next 12 days. #badideafairy

Supporting You Virtually: 

  • Live workouts (Monday-Friday) at 5:30PM via zoom 
  • Virtual calls with everyone to create a customized plan
  • Community support- join the Stay Healthy Broward Facebook Group >>HERE
  • Stay Healthy Bingo Challenge access >>HERE (Our hope is that you inspire someone else around you to stay healthy too)

We know that together, we are stronger. 

We seriously are so thankful for the support of our HSN Family during this stressful time. We could not be more proud of this community and we are super excited to support you individually through the exclusive HSN App, continue the community through the Facebook Group and of course some great live workouts via zoom (get ready for some entertainment). 


We love you! 

Nicole & Jason