HSN Mentoring Client Spotlight: CrossFit 7070

Since joining the HSN Mentoring Program, nutrition has become an integral part of CrossFit 7070. Before joining HSN, this team only thought about selling fitness.

What would you say about the owner and coach relationship in launching and growing a nutrition program?

It has to be a team effort with everyone involved to wholeheartedly believe in and carry out the mission of HSN & CF 7070. After that, everything falls into place: the relationships you build with clients, the willingness to meet and work on improving the program, and the overall enjoyment of bringing healthy choices to your community! As owners, we're very fortunate to have 2 amazing nutrition coaches in Kayce & Emily who make all of this possible.

You started to gain some comfort in selling nutrition and making that important recommendation for 1:1 nutrition coaching. Tell us a little bit about how HSN has helped you gain that confidence?

Before HSN, when someone walked through the doors of 7070 for the first time, we only thought about selling fitness. When you're confident about nutrition and the results it will bring your clients, you're excited to talk about it! Nutrition is now an integral part of every conversation we have with our members and leads. I believe this new found confidence is rooted in the fact that the HSN program is sustainable for your clients, and that it takes a holistic approach with your clients (sleep, stress, your inner circle, etc...). It's comforting for a client who's thinking about nutrition coaching that this program will be different from their past experiences or failed attempts.

 How has adding nutrition coaching to your facility affected your gym?

As mentioned above, nutrition is incorporated into everything: from our intros, to our goal setting sessions, our announcements, and social media posts. The best part of all of that, is that HSN gives us the tools/resources to lighten the workload on our end. We've also always been a gym that likes to measure stuff -- and so when a member is not satisfied with their biometrics, for example, it's awesome to have a great nutrition program that we know will help them out.

If you could give advice to a gym owner or nutrition coach running a nutrition program what would it be?

To make sure that all SOP's are understood and agreed upon.

Where do you see the program in 3 months? 

We're approaching 2 months into the program, and already a lot of bright spots and measurements that we can highlight onto our success board. In 3 months, we'd like to have a success board visible in the gym, and to have several more clients involved with individual coaching.

As Coaches, what do you feel is the most helpful part of HSN?

The mentoring calls are the most valuable. However, all of the resources (SOP's, social media, done for you emails) are a close 2nd!

How has running a challenge with the HSN platform been different from previous challenges you have run?

This is our first official challenge that we've run at 7070. Excited to do the next one!

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