How To Recoup Cost Of Your Initial Investment With HSN Mentoring In Under 30-Days

The last thing gym owners want to do is spend money; I get it!


At HSN Mentoring, we are 100% committed to gym owners and coaches’ success using our nutrition coaching program.


To ensure their success, we have created a roadmap to show you exactly how you will recoup the initial investment cost.


This roadmap is discussed in detail during welcome calls, so that gym owners and coaches ensure the best return on their investment.

Here Are 5 Ways We Ensure You Recoup The Cost Of The Initial Investment Right Away

#1 Start Talking About Nutrition Now

Upon sign up for HSN Mentoring, you get access to one year’s worth of social media tips, email content, and video scripts to start using right away.


We give you canva templates, which makes it easy to brand them as your own.


People need to hear things 7-10 times before taking action. When we look at gyms that have the best ROI with HSN Mentoring, nutrition is a consistent part of their message! People seek them out for fitness and nutrition, not just fitness!

#2 Set A Challenge Launch Date

Most gym owners will launch with a nutrition challenge to recoup the initial investment cost in under 30-days of signing up. The sign-up page is live while they are going through the training to add revenue weeks before their launch date.


One of the best ways to get buy-in from existing members is to launch a challenge and make it easy to continue with nutrition and fitness.

Pro Tips When Launching A Nutrition Challenge: 

  • Don’t undercharge for your challenge. If you want people to continue with your nutrition coaching program after your challenge, you need to charge more for a challenge than your ongoing coaching program. For example, at HSN HQ, it is $259 to join our 6-week nutrition challenge and $109/month to continue with ongoing nutrition coaching after the challenge is over. 

  • Make sure it’s easy for people to continue with ongoing coaching. Don’t fall for the challenge trap. 

  • Meet with people individually at the beginning and end of the challenge. The value of nutrition coaching comes from support and accountability; make sure you build in enough time for people to see the value! 

#3 Host A Virtual Nutrition Seminar

Virtual nutrition seminars were voted the #1 way to increase engagement with past members, inactive followers, members, and new leads!

How? Think of a two-way conversation that starts with 3-4 simples tips to help people get started on their own with a call to action at the end to join your nutrition challenge or individual nutrition coaching program.

Gym owners worldwide have used these successfully to capture leads and re-engage past clients to build nutrition-only revenue during COVID shutdowns.


Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ is hosting a FREE nutrition talk for our following on Saturday, January 2nd! You can see what it looks like from a client’s perspective by registering and attending our New Year, New You Nutrition Talk live. REGISTER HERE.


If you want to host your own nutrition talk, we have made everything for you for FREE. You can download the presentation, speaking notes, and a recording of us giving this nutrition talk HERE.

#4 Goal Setting Sessions With Members

When is the last time you sat down with your members to see what their goals are? Are they still looking to lose weight? Do they have performance goals that they need help with? 


During HSN Mentoring, we give you everything you need to conduct goal setting sessions with members. For those looking to lose weight, guide them to #2 — Your nutrition challenge! 


This is one of the many ways we recommend marketing your nutrition challenge. 

#5 Revamping Your Intake Process

After helping over 3,500 gym owners and coaches launch nutrition programs, it is obvious that the best way to grow a nutrition program is to get new people started with both on day 1.


Most people coming to a gym are looking to lose weight. We know the best way to lose weight is through nutrition and fitness, not fitness only.


By guiding your clients to an option to get started with a hybrid membership (nutrition and fitness), you are recommending the best option to help them achieve their goals.


During the first step of the training, we walk through your intake process now, then guide you with how to revamp your intake to make it easy for people to get started and pay for both, nutrition and fitness!



The initial investment to HSN Mentoring is $3000, which includes two subscriptions to the training (for an owner and a coach).


If your nutrition challenge price was $139 (the recommended price for a 28-day challenge), you would only need 21.5 people to sign up for the challenge to pay for the initial investment.


If you are paying the nutrition coach, you would need 40 people to sign up for the challenge to pay your nutrition coach and recoup the entire initial investment cost.


This doesn’t include any members who sign up for individual nutrition coaching or any new people starting with a hybrid membership.


HSN Mentoring is guided, tested and proven. If you follow these steps, you will recoup the initial investment cost within 30-days of signing up for the training program.

HSN Mentoring Provides A Turn-Key Solution For Gym Owners Looking To Add Nutrition Coaching In-House. 

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