How To Turn Your Nutrition Challenge Into An Ongoing Nutrition Coaching Program In Your Gym

The New Year is a great time to run a nutrition challenge. People are more likely to take action around a milestone like a New Year but what happens after the challenge is over.


Gym owners have told me thousands of times that they run nutrition challenges, their clients see great results during those 28 or 30-day challenges, but their nutrition program ends at the end of the nutrition challenge.


We all know what happens next.


Challenge participants regain the weight they worked so hard to lose.
Instead, gym owners need to provide ongoing nutrition support after the challenge is over.

By guiding your clients to ongoing nutrition coaching after your nutrition challenge, you will increase their results and add a recurring revenue stream for your gym through nutrition coaching.

Here's a blueprint on how to turn a nutrition challenge into a recurring nutrition coaching program:

#1 Create A Clear Client Journey

If you want clients to convert to ongoing coaching after your nutrition challenge, you need to create a clear path with what happens after the challenge is over.
Your nutrition program in your gym can’t end at the end of the nutrition challenge. We call this the Challenge Trap and almost every gym owner has told me that they have fallen for it! 



At Healthy Steps Nutrition and CrossFit HSN HQ, challenge participants have the opportunity to upgrade their membership to nutrition and fitness after the challenge is over. If they are not a member of our CrossFit gym and just signed up for the nutrition challenge, then we guide clients to a nutrition coaching membership.


Here’s the deal, they can’t hear about what happens after the challenge at the end of your nutrition challenge. This is the biggest mistake we see gym owners make.


Instead, nutrition coaches need to talk about what happens after the challenge from day one of the nutrition challenge.

#2 Meet With Clients Individually

When you create your nutrition challenge, make sure you build in time to see clients individually at the beginning and at the end of the nutrition challenge.


This allows you to build that relationship with the client and help them understand your role to support them in their continued success.

Pro Tip: Make sure you charge appropriately for your nutrition challenge! You need to charge for that individual time that you will be spending with your clients. Also, your nutrition challenge needs to cost more than your ongoing coaching rate. You don’t want your clients to have to pay more to continue working with you. 

#3 Ensure A Professional Experience

Your nutrition challenge is the first impression of your nutrition program, you need to make it a good one! If you are a gym owner throwing a nutrition challenge together, it’s going to be tough for clients to understand the value you will provide with an ongoing nutrition coaching program. 
Unsure where to start? You can access the Nutrition Challenge Starter Guide, which includes a FREE training video, checklist, and all of our challenge resources in one place. Access >>HERE. 

Are you looking to save time and not reinvent the wheel when launching a nutrition challenge and building an ongoing nutrition coaching program?

HSN Mentoring can help you turn your nutrition challenge into an ongoing nutrition coaching program. 

Most gym owners launch a nutrition challenge to recoup the cost of their initial investment with HSN Mentoring within six weeks of signing up. That means a February 1st challenge launch date if you sign up this week!


Through HSN Mentoring, you receive all the marketing content, client resources, SOPs, templates, mock in-person consults, challenge kickoff presentation, intake forms, sample meal ideas, and so much more!


You also have access to the HSN app, which allows you to manage all of your clients in one place.

Here are a few ways the HSN app helps you streamline and provide a professional experience during a challenge:

  1. You can add everyone to a group to communicate with each other.
  2. You can add the same program to everyone in a group with just a couple clicks; this saves you a ton of time. Each week new videos will populate on their app profile, including recipes, kitchen tips, mindfulness tips, and nutrition tips.
  3. You can schedule the same habit to a group simultaneously; this saves you time.
If you are looking to launch a nutrition challenge and turn your challenge into an ongoing nutrition coaching program, HSN Mentoring has all the training, support, and mentoring to help you do so!

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