January FREE Community Nutrition Talk For CrossFit Gym Owners

Are you planning to launch a nutrition challenge or program in January?

By hosting a FREE nutrition talk for your community, you can attract new clients and re-engage past clients who might be interested in joining your nutrition challenge! 

All you need to do is fill out the form below and you will get access to everything you need to host a FREE virtual nutrition seminar. 

Gyms using the HSN Mentoring platform have seen new sign-ups and increased engagement with these nutrition talks!

Instant Access To A Nutrition Talk

  • New Year, New You Nutrition Seminar (Presentation, Speaking Notes & Recording of Nicole Aucoin & Ashley Osterman Giving It)
  • Use This To Re-engage Past Client & Attract New Leads For Your Nutrition Program

As a CrossFit affiliate owner who had to shutdown my business for almost three months, I understand how stressful this season has been with owning a business. 

In an effort to help gym owners get their message out to their communities, we have created a FREE nutrition talk (virtual nutrition seminar with speaking notes, recording and printable) for gym owners around the world to use. 


This is an opportunity for you to provide free help for your community.

People are most likely to take action during a milestone, like a new year! Use this nutrition talk to re-engage past clients and capture new leads. 

Internation Nutrition Talk Day is Saturday, January 2nd! Please to host your nutrition talk right after the new year!