In this training recording, Nicole Aucoin, founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition, CrossFit HSN and HSN Mentoring discusses some of the top moments from 2021 and where we are headed in 2022 as a company. From there, she facilitates a planning exercise to help you plan for success in 2022. 

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HSN Mentoring: The Big 3 For 2022

  1. Intentional Opportunities To Deepen Connection & Community
  2. Capture Inspiring Stories & Elevate Gym Owners & Nutrition Coaches Who Are Making Their Businesses Houses Of Wellness
  3. Provide More Support For Holistic Coaching Framework: Mental Health, Sleep & Performance

The Plan To Accomplish The Big 3

  1. Connections With Staff: Host Staff Retreat In May In Tennessee With Facilitator Focusing On Leadership & Team Building
  2. Connections With Clients: Host HSN Meet-Ups In Houston (Feb), Tennessee (May) and Deerfield Beach at HSN HQ (July) – Events Will Be Open To Gym Owner & Coaches In The HSN Family
  3. Capture Stories: Travel To At Least Six Gyms In 2022 To Capture Their Stores With The Media Team Like CrossFit Generation.
  4. Expert Training On Holistic Framework: Bring In Sleep and Mental Health Specialists To Provide Coach Training (Add Additional Resources Within The Healthy Steps Nutrition App)

Coming Soon

  1. *HSN Mentoring Perk* How To Host A Vision Board Brunch (January 8th)
  2. *HSN Mentoring Perk* Dates For 2022 Meet-Up Events
  3. *HSN Mentoring Perk* February 2022: New 12-Week Habit-Based Nutrition Program In The HSN App
  4. *HSN Mentoring Perk* Training Dates For Experts | We Are Working On A List Of Mental Health Professionals In Each State