How To Increase Confidence As A Nutrition Coach

Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to speak at the Central CrossFit Summit, The NE CrossFit Affiliate Summit, and the MidWest CrossFit Affiliate Summit. 

At every event, there was one theme coming from gym owners, “I’m not confident helping my clients with nutrition beyond ‘what worked well for me,’ or I’m not confident that we are delivering a nutrition coaching program at the level of professionalism that I’m wanting for my business.”

Can you relate? 🙋🏻‍♀️ 🙋🏽‍♂️

Increasing confidence isn’t a switch that turns on after going through training or reading a book. 

Confidence is like a dial increasing through experience, feedback, and so much more.

Check out this week’s one-minute strategy with 3 tips to increase confidence. 

Three Tips To Help You Increase Confidence As A Nutrition Coach

#1: Practice What You Preach

Authenticity shines through in a coaching experience. As a coach, you must practice what you preach. When you’ve experienced the power of something yourself, it’s easy to talk about it with enthusiasm. That’s why it’s important to walk the walk as a coach.
In order to increase confidence, it comes down to practice, putting the reps in and getting feedback to improve. 

#2: Use Systems To Keep You Organized

Without systems, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a nutrition coach. Systems include templates for emails, a check-in schedule with clients, appointment scheduler with automated reminders to make the best use of your time and resources so that your clients walk away with something professional to reference back. 

Looking to save time and not reinvent the wheel?

Gyms and nutrition coaches partnered with the Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring Program have the HSN app to manage all of their clients in one place and provide a value between in-person visits. HSN Mentoring also provides meeting templates, professional client resources and ongoing support/coach development.

#3: Role Play

While it can be uncomfortable at first, practicing with real-time feedback is the fastest way to increase confidence as a nutrition coach. 
In order to increase confidence, it comes down to practice, putting the reps in and getting feedback to improve. 

If you are looking to increase confidence as a coach or in the sales process, join us at the Gym Accelerator Summit in Nashville, TN, July 13th -15th.

During this 2.5-day event, there will be breakout sessions to role-play and practice so that you can increase confidence and ultimately increase your ability to transform more lives through nutrition and a whole-health approach.
Business side: mastering the sales process, increasing buy-in with existing members, and establishing partnerships 
Coache’s side: creating plans with clients using a habit-based and holistic approach, performance nutrition, and hormone health

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As an owner, you need to feel confident with the service your nutrition coaches are delivering.

That’s why we love coach evaluations at HSN Mentoring. 

It seems oblivious when thinking about your group fitness classes or personal training sessions but not so obvious (or easy) for nutrition clients. 

If I drop into my 6 AM class, it will be very similar to the 6 PM class, even though there are different people and coaches.


The warm-up, intent of the workout, a strength component, and metcon with coaches’ notes are written out for the coaches to follow. 

How to host coach evaluations for your nutrition program?

Initial Evaluations For New Coaches:
  • Create an evaluation rubric defining the standard that you want to be met. If you are an HSN Mentoring client, the is already created for you. 
  • Be a client to ensure your new coach is meeting the standards you have set for your program. One of the most valuable things you can do is lead from the front, sign up as a client, and ensure the experience is what you are wanting for your program. The last step of the training process for HSN Mentoring is a coach evaluation, where the coach in training is the nutrition coach, and one of our dietitians on staff is the client to ensure the coach is able to apply everything they learned and deliver a professional experience. 
  • Things to look for:
    • What happens before the initial appointment? Email reminder. 
    • What happens during the initial consultation? 
    • What happens after? 
Ongoing Quality Assurance:
  • Track virtual support. One simple way to do this is by reviewing weekly check-ins, habits in the app, review of compliance, and notes. 
  • Review zoom calls to ensure delivery and professionalism standards are being met.
Increasing confidence in your nutrition coaching program will allow you to deliver a better experience to your clients and ultimately increase retention and revenue. 
According to a recent gym owner survey, over 60% of gyms offer a nutrition coaching program, yet the average percentage of revenue from nutrition is 5%. 
Gym owners ask me during free calls what percentage of revenue should be coming from nutrition. If you have built the systems, have a solid front-end offer, and dial in your service to increase your length of engagement, I expect 20% of revenue to come from nutrition coaching. 
There are gyms partnered with HSN Mentoring that have increased their revenue by 50% from nutrition. 
You might be thinking, HOW?
Increased accountability nutrition coaching where clients are paying $300+ / month for nutrition and accountability coaching.
Another great avenue to increase impact and nutrition revenue is through employee wellness programs.

Are you looking to save time and not reinvent the wheel when building, launching and growing a nutrition coaching program in your gym?

Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring provides gym owners with a turn-key solution to build, launch and grow a nutrition coaching program in a gym. Business systems, mentoring, coach certification, an exclusive app to manage your clients, ongoing support and so much more! 

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Book A FREE Call HERE (Gym owners are required to book free calls)
  2. Complete the training. Initial investment includes the owner and two coaches. It takes about 30-hours to get through the training. 
  3. Launch your program with a done-for-you nutrition challenge or individual nutrition coaching program or both!