Inside The Gym Accelerator Summit

Are you looking to level up your business so that you can increase client results, retention and add a revenue stream? 

The Gym Accelerator Summit is a 2.5-day live event focused on prioritizing health inside your gym so you can:
↗️ Increase member results
↗️ Increase member retention
↗️ Increase business revenue 
↗️ Increase your impact  

By joining this event, I guarantee you will walk away with actionable tips to level up your business and nutrition coaching program. 

How Will The Gym Accelerator Summit Help You As A Gym Owner Or Nutrition Coach?

Breakout sessions to narrow your focus to help you where you need it most. Breakout sessions provide you an opportunity to work in a small group with the expert HSN Mentoring team.

  • Are you looking to crack the code on partnerships with healthcare professionals or local businesses? Join the breakout session on How To Establish Partnerships To Accelerate Your Impact on Saturday. 
  • Are you looking to learn how to increase the number of existing members who opt into your nutrition coaching program? Join the breakouts sessions on How To Increase Member Buy-In on Friday. 
  • Are you looking to increase confidence during the sales process to increase sign-ups for nutrition on day one or increase conversion from a challenge to ongoing coaching? One of the keynote sessions is on increasing confidence during the sales process and there will be a breakout session focused on How To Increase Nutrition & Fitness Membership Sales On Day 1. 
  • Are you a coach looking to increase knowledge on hormone health and performance nutrition? Join the breakout sessions led by Healthy Steps Nutrition Dietitians on these advanced nutrition topics. 
  • Do you struggle with imposter syndrome? Increasing confidence comes from practice, experience, and leveling up by investing in yourself and connecting with people who are ahead of you at the Gym Accelerator Summit!

Main Speakers & Panel Discussions

  • Tim Arnold will be hosting two interactive main sessions on a proven framework for providing and receiving feedback AND another session on the Secret to Sustainability (taking care of yourself and others). Fun Fact: Tim worked with one of my favorite mentors, Donald Millar and the Storybrand team on leadership development.  He’s been a huge influence on HSN HQ. 
  • CrossFit Health, a CrossFit Physician, Dr. Christina Migliara and myself will be hosting a panel discussion on bridging the gap between fitness and healthcare inside your gym. 
  • Dr. Christina Migliara will host a main session on mental health and prioritizing mental health inside your gym. This was one of the most popular topics at the HSN Regional event in March. 
  • Pre-Con hosted by NCFIT on How To Turn Great People Into Great Coaches: Coaching Development. Part of running a successful gym requires having a consistent quality product on the gym floor. So how do you develop your coaching staff into a team of 9s and 10s? How do you find the right type of person with the potential of becoming a great coach, and then how do you help them live up to that potential? Join this PRECON on Thursday at 2 PM. 

Special Events to connect with HSN Mentors, CrossFit HQ Staff, The PuhsPress Team and leaders in the industry who are bringing in $10K + / month from nutrition.

  • Welcome reception at Pins Nashville on Thursday 
  • VIP Dinner on Saturday night (If you purchase 2+ tickets OR you are an HSN + PushPress client, you can get a FREE ticket.)
  • Brews ☕️ with HQ Join HSN HQ and CrossFit HQ for coffee on Saturday morning. 

Special Bonus for HSN Mentoring Clients: Pre-con on How To Build & Scale An Employee Wellness Program on Thursday at 1 PM. This is only for HSN Mentoring clients attending the event.

Gym Accelerator Summit Details:

When: Thursday, July 13th – Saturday, July 15th, 2023

Where: Nashville, Tennessee

Who: Gym owners, managers, nutrition coaches, and aspiring nutrition coaches

This event is open to any gym owner, manager, nutrition coach, or aspiring nutrition coach.
You do not have to be an HSN Mentoring to attend.

You will earn 14 CrossFit CEUs for attending.

We hope to see you in Nashville for the Gym Accelerator Summit!