Introducing The Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach Match Program

Are you looking to become a nutrition coach but unsure where to start? 

Maybe you’ve been through an online course but you are struggling to build a nutrition coaching program? 

The Healthy Steps Nutrition Match Program connects coaches who have graduated from the Basics of Nutrition Coaching CrossFit Preferred Nutrition Course with a gym who has partnered with HSN Mentoring. 

The Basics of Nutrition Coaching certification is the only training that includes a personalized coaching experience, group support, mentoring calls and an evaluation. 


Upon graduation of the Basics of Nutrition Coaching Course, you can start your own coaching program or be matched with one of the 400+ gyms worldwide. 

Remind me… what is the Basics Course? 

The Basics of Nutrition Coaching Course is a standalone CrossFit Preferred Nutrition Course. 
This means you can earn CrossFit CEUs for your CrossFit Level 3 or 4 certification while going through this course!

What's included in the Healthy Steps Nutrition: Basics of Nutrition Coaching Course:

  • Online modules to learn the fundamental skills to become an effective nutrition coach
  • 6-weeks of individualized nutrition coaching with an expert Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach/Dietitian
  • (6) Weekly group application calls to give you an opportunity to put what you are learning to practice
  • (1) Mentoring call with a nutrition business expert
  • Evaluation to complete the training process
It gets better! 

If you sign up by August 8th, you will get access to the one-day challenge intensive. This one day training will provide you with everything you need to plan, launch and execute a 28-day nutrition challenge this fall! This will allow you to recoup the cost of the training and kickstart your nutrition coaching program. This is a $499 value!
(See exactly what’s included HERE)

Is The Healthy Steps Nutrition - Basics Of Nutrition Coaching Course Right For You?

Are you passionate about nutrition and looking to increase your knowledge base to help others?

Are you looking to have a better understanding of nutrition?​

Are you looking for a nutrition program that teaches lifestyle changes instead of a restrictive diet?​

Are you a coach looking to feel more confident when talking to your clients about nutrition?

Are you looking to provide clients with support beyond a nutrition challenge?

Are you looking to build a streamlined nutrition program? (DIY version)

Are you a gym owner looking to implement a comprehensive nutrition coaching program in your gym?
The Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring Program provides gym owners and coaches with the business systems, coaching education and ongoing mentoring to build, launch and grow a nutrition coaching program in a gym. See how it works and book a free call with us HERE. 

If you are looking to take your interest and passion for nutrition into a coaching program where you help others through a habit-based and holistic approach, the Healthy Steps Nutrition: Basics of Nutrition Coaching Course if for you!