4 Ways To Use Your Nutrition Client Testimonials In Social Media & Marketing!


Amazing nutrition client testimonials can grow your nutrition business better than any other type of content. Are you capturing your clients stories where they talk about things like being forever grateful to you for all the weight loss they have experienced despite their busy schedule, low self esteem and poor relationship with food?

If not – you should be! One of the biggest mistakes we see nutrition coaches and business owners make is not taking advantage of client stories and sharing them with their audience. Did you know that 95% of people say they trust what a current or former customer says about a company more than what the company says about itself.

Part of what we do at Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring is help nutrition coaches and business owners build nutrition programs from the ground up. Using social media and marketing techniques to grow your business is part of it!

In this blog post we will discuss why testimonials are important, and provide four main platforms to use these testimonials to the advantage of your business.

What Are Nutrition Client Testimonials?

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Nutrition Client Testimonials are stories from current or former clients that relay their personal experience with your business or brand. These testimonials are positive in nature and can come in the format of a written review, short or long term video, or even a podcast.

Many times getting testimonials from clients is the last thing on an owners or coaches mind. Day to day tasks like coaching, thinking about how to get more clients, or just getting other miscellaneous things done monopolize time. When in reality, a short time spent on getting a small snippet of a clients positive experience, and then showcasing that to the world could get you more clients than any paid advertising.

Why Are Nutrition Client Testimonials Important?

As nutrition coaches we are in the business of helping the world live a healthier lifestyle. Our community’s most vexing problem is poor nutrition, and we have a solution to their problem. If we don’t tell people about our solution, then we are doing a disservice to our community.

Through story telling, testimonials provide one avenue for us to relay this message.


Provide social proof.

When a client talks openly about their experience and the fact you helped them with making better food choices, learning their nutritional needs, and teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle, people that identify with them believe they can make a change too by using the nutrition program.

The more client stories you share, the more social proof you show that your service has helped people with healthy living, and permanent lifestyle change. It’s not uncommon for a nutrition client to say in many of the testimonial videos at my gym, “Live Active 563 changed my life.”

That is a very powerful statement and speaks volumes to potential clients.

Help you establish authority and build trust.

More potential clients will see you as being skilled, incredibly knowledgeable, and successful in your field the more client stories you share.

Nothing speaks louder and builds trust more than a satisfied customer singing your praises and giving first-hand accounts of their experience working with you. By featuring client testimonials on your website or in any marketing materials you put out, you can gain trust from new prospects and strengthen relationships with current customers.

Show your clients you care and appreciate them.

A lot of clients will be flattered they have been chosen to be a testimonial for your company. The fact their success with lifestyle changes was noticed and brought to the forefront of your business makes them feel good.

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What Are The Types Of Testimonials I Can Get From My Clients?

There are several formats of testimonials that are typically used.

Video Testimonials

In my opinion video testimonials are the most valuable, but do require a “special” type of person to be willing to participate. Many people are scared of being recorded because they don’t like the way they sound or look on camera.

Video’s can be professionally edited however modern technology offers a vast array of video editing software and apps that any newbie can learn quickly and the quality will still look utmost professional.

Written Testimonials & Quotes

These are the most basic form of testimonials and least invasive to capture from a client. Length of written testimonials can vary from one sentence to over a paragraph long.

Snippets of a longer written testimonial can be used to produce a quote from a client.

Audio Testimonials

Capturing audio from a client isn’t as demanding as video because people don’t have to worry about their appearance. However, some clients don’t like the sound of their voice so sometimes it can be challenging to find takers.

With both video and audio testimonials, questions are usually given to the client prior to the “interview” so they know what to expect, and they can mentally prepare.

Case Study Testimonials

Case studies are more in depth than a traditional testimonial and dig very deep into a clients journey. They are long and can be a combination of a video, audio or written experience.

Where To Use Nutrition Client Testimonials In Your Business

Now that we have covered the kinds of testimonials we can get from our clients – let’s get right into the different ways you can use them to benefit your business using social media and marketing!

  1. YouTube

    YouTube is owned by Google, the worlds largest search engine. Videos uploaded to YouTube will show up in search engine result pages when people search in the platform.

    This means that anyone on YouTube has the potential to see your video depending on what they are searching for. Making sure you are “tagging” your video’s appropriately will help.

    Think of tags on YouTube just like you think of hashtags on Instagram or Facebook. A tag appropriate for a nutrition testimonial video or client story could be something like #nutrition, #testimonial, #clientstory, or #nutritioncoach.

    Having a YouTube channel for your business sets you apart from many other businesses. It lets potential customers get a great view of who and what you stand for if they can go on your YouTube channel and see not only client testimonials, but also educational videos around nutrition or even fitness if that is also something you offer.

    YouTube videos can be repurposed and posted to your Instagram and Facebook pages. In addition, short clips can be used for short form content such as YouTube shorts or Instagram Reels.

  2. Instagram & Facebook

    These two platforms I would say are the easiest to use for most coaches and wellness business owners who are doing most of the social media engagement themselves. Repurposing video content you have recorded for YouTube is a great idea on these platforms. However, if you haven’t broken into the YouTube platform yet, no stress! Instagram Reels is a great way to start making short form video content.

    1. Reels allow for you to create short videos ( up to 90 seconds ). In these videos you can create or upload video content and pictures. These reels could be short snippets of client success story photos or video content.

      Asking a client to record a short quote for a reel could be less intimidating than asking them to create a longer testimonial on YouTube.

      There is the option to use captions when posting a reel which is very beneficial for people viewing your reels who are not able to use the volume on their device.

      Check out this example of a client testimonial Instagram reel.

    2. Quotes: Posting infographics with a quote to these platforms is a great idea. Taking short snippets of the testimonials you have gathered and turning them into a visual is an easy way to get started using testimonials.

      Check out this example of an Instagram quote testimonial.

  3. Email Funnels

    Including your nutrition client testimonials in your email funnel is a great way to showcase the social proof that your program provides. If you are running a nutrition or wellness challenge including them in the emails going out to promote that engagement is also a really smart idea.

    If you don’t have an email funnel, starting to collect emails would be a great idea!

    Email funnels are a great tool to help your business grow. They allow you to increase customer engagement by providing an automated way of delivering content to potential and current customers. With email funnels, you can target specific audiences with personalized messages and create multiple touch points within the funnel—making it easier for them to move down the sales cycle. Plus, they give you valuable insight into customer behavior. By the way people engage with your emails you can tell what products or services they’re most likely interested in. So if you’re looking at ways to scale your business and engage more customers, email funnels may be just what you need to help push those testimonials out to more people.

  4. Add Them To Your Blog

    At Healthy Steps Nutrition we write blogs often. Our goal is to provide as much information and free help to our clients as we can. If you are not currently writing blogs for your membership or potential customers now is a great time to start!

    Including testimonial videos and quotes in your blogs is a way to get in front of so many more people. Did you know that when I type “nutrition testimonial” into Google that 48,000,000 results show up. When I browse the results of my search, there are multiple pages of client testimonials from blogs related to nutrition. This could be you!

    If you are an HSN Mentoring client, great blog ideas can come from our Nutrition Questions Of The Day document. Oftentimes coaches and business owners don’t blog because they can’t think of what to write about. One other way to come up with topics is to listen to what your clients are saying in their sessions with you or in the conversations you hear around the gym.


As a recap; Nutrition client testimonials are an incredibly powerful way to demonstrate the success that your nutrition services have had on others. By using these stories in your social media and marketing, you can show potential customers how real people have benefited from what you offer, which helps build trust and credibility for your business.

Testimonials also give potential customers a deeper understanding of the value of nutrition services and provide them with tangible proof of their effectiveness. Ultimately, adding nutrition client testimonials to your social media and marketing strategy is an effective way to demonstrate the value of what you offer while building trust and credibility. It’s a win-win!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Questions Should I Ask In a Testimonial?

At HSN Mentoring we believe that there are four great questions to ask people giving testimonial.

  1. What were you wanting before you came to us for help?

  2. What obstacles were getting in the way of achieving what you wanted?

  3. How did we help you navigate those obstacles?

  4. What does life look like now that you have reached those goals?

How Do You Ask Clients For Testimonials?

More people are willing to give their story than you think. A lot of your clients are proud of their new eating habits and body composition.

We simply send clients an email or a text and say something like “Hey Jenny – We are so proud of your amazing accomplishments in the nutrition program. Would you be willing to give us a testimonial about your experience and positive results? Someone just like you could identify with your story and decide to make a change they have been scared to make for some time.”

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