Are You Waiting Until It’s Too Late? When Should Nutrition Services Be Discussed In The Sales Process of New Clients?

Are You Waiting Until It’s Too Late? When Should Nutrition Services Be Discussed In The Sales Process of New Clients? 

Are you struggling to grow your nutrition program? How many new clients get started with nutrition and fitness per month? At least 50 percent of your new clients should be starting with a nutrition package.

 Many of the gyms running the HSN platform have 100 percent of new clients start with a paid nutrition service. 

The real question is what are they doing differently? 

The most common mistake we see with gyms who struggle to build a nutrition program is they aren’t talking about nutrition soon enough with their potential new clients. In an effort to just “get them to buy something” they are missing the biggest and most foundational piece of the puzzle. They are building clients upside down. 

Clients are much more likely to sign up for nutrition at the beginning when it is bundled with fitness than waiting until 3 months into their journey to upgrade their membership to incorporate nutrition. 

During the sales process, nutrition should be the first thing that is discussed when clients say their number one goal is weight loss. Often times, the nutrition topic is often completely passed by and coaches think they should just get the client started with something. 

We all know what happens- clients start seeing results but soon after they hit a plateau. 

What should really happen? 

Instead of breezing over the nutrition topic, we should be probing more. We should be asking these questions during the intake process about your potential new client’s nutrition: 

  • Rate your nutrition A to F and why

  • Tell me about a typical day (in regards to your nutrition)

  • What has worked well for you in the past (and what hasn’t)

By discussing nutrition on day 1, you are letting the client know it should be a priority and if they are serious about reaching their goals- nutrition should be a part of their plan. 

The next stage is biometrics, you should be using a biometric scanner to interpret body composition. This allows you to test their baseline of where they are starting from and the ability to track their progress. 

Next comes the point at which we handle any objections and guide new people to sign up for both: nutrition and fitness. 

At HSN HQ, nutrition is listed on every single page on our price book. It’s mentioned in every type of fitness package we offer as well as standalone nutrition offerings.

Your potential new clients are looking for you to provide the solution to their problem.

Are you setting them up for success by discussing nutrition from the start or are you waiting to get them buying something before providing them with the solution to help them take control of their health?

If you are struggling to get new clients bought into your nutrition program on day 1, it’s time to take a look at how nutrition is presented as a solution to your client’s problem. 

At HSN Mentoring this is the first thing we help gyms do during the training process. Getting this right is a foundational piece of the puzzle when it comes to building a successful nutrition program. 

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Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LD/N

Founder, Healthy Steps Nutrition
Home of CrossFit HSN and HSN Mentoring