Is Nutrition a Key Pillar In Your Business?

One of the most common factors we see at successful affiliates is that they offer diverse revenue streams. If you have read any of Chris Cooper’s books, you will recognize “multiple legs on the chair.” The idea is that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket (group training) but don’t overextend yourself to have too many programs.

We often refer to these revenue streams as the Three Pillars of Fitness: Group Classes, Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching.

We all know what Group Classes are, this is the First Pillar of Fitness. For most CrossFit gyms, it is the bulk their revenue streams. It satisfies most clients needs and provides a community. Group members feel as though they are part of something bigger. Quite simply, the camaraderie forged in a group fitness classes is something that can’t be replicated!

Some gyms also provide the Second Pillar through Personal Training services. This is a great revenue stream to attract higher value clients who may not be comfortable in a group setting. A lot of personal training clients need the added accountability and 1-on-1 attention a coach can provide them. Or, it may simply be that they have schedule constraints and group class schedules don’t work for them. Offering personal training also allows your coaches to make a better living.

The Third Pillar of a successful gym is Nutrition Coaching. When it comes to your clients reaching their goals and getting results, some may argue that this is the most important pillar. Without proper nutrition, clients often do not get the most out of the hard work they put into their exercise routines. Whether they’re looking to lose fat or gain muscle, nutrition is often going to play an even larger role than exercise alone.

Without this Third Pillar of Nutrition Coaching, your gym quite honestly may not be living up to its revenue potential. On average, each nutrition client brings in an additional $1200-1300 per year. Gyms that are making nutrition a pillar of their business will see 60-70% of new clients sign up for a hybrid membership when originally coming in for fitness. If you average one new client per week, 52 new clients per year, you would see an increase in revenue by $37,440 from the nutrition add-on alone. This doesn’t include any additional income from corporate nutrition challenges or partnerships. As you can see, the benefit of offering ongoing nutrition services has the potential to be a significant revenue stream for your business.

At HSN, we help you build that Third Pillar of Fitness by providing you with a solid foundation on which to grow your business. Not only do we teach you the operation and systems of how to run a successful nutrition practice, but we help you with other avenues such as marketing, sales and business management.

Emily Connors

HSN Mentor