Nutrition Program Updates With HSN Mentoring: January 4th

Save time and don’t reinvent the wheel when building and growing a nutrition program in a gym. 

Leverage all of the tools and resources provided by HSN Mentoring.  

Healthy Kids Cookbook: 100% 'Kid-Approved' Recipes For The Whole Family

Healthy recipes that the entire family will love are tough to find! In this cookbook, Brody and Cooper Aucoin share their favorite healthy recipes. They hope to inspire other families to eat healthy and try new things. In this cookbook, you will find dietitian tips and healthy meal ideas by the founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition and Registered Dietitian, Nicole Aucoin.

Program Updates

Upcoming Education

New Resources *MEMBERS ONLY* is coming 02.02.21

3 Reasons Why Your Diet Failed You Nutrition Talk >> HERE

Master Habits in HSN APP for all pillars of the HSN Framework are  LIVE!!!
-This includes NEVER BEFORE SEEN Resources

Family Nutrition Challenge in the HSN App is NOW LIVE!!!

Free Help: The Ultimate Nutrition Challenge Started Guide

Let’s Face It! You Don’t Have Time To Build A Nutrition Program From Scratch. The FREE Training includes:

  • Understand How To Plan & Prep For Your Nutrition Challenge
    Free Checklist & Starter Guide For A Successful Challenge
    FREE Point Tracker Template
    Additional Support Tools & Resources To Help You When Planning Your Next Challenge
Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast
Episode 56: Turning Your Nutrition Challenge into a Recurring Revenue Stream and Ongoing Nutrition Program

How Will You Leverage this Year's Nutrition Challenge?

The overwhelming majority of gym owners and nutrition coaches will launch a nutrition challenge in the new year. It makes sense, people are motivated to start something new in the new year, but the problem is their program ends at the end of a challenge. 

This week on the podcast, Ashley Osterman and Nicole Aucoin discuss proven strategies to help gym owners and coaches use the momentum from nutrition challenge into an ongoing coaching program and recurring revenue stream. 

Click the link in the show notes for FREE help and to get instant access to a Nutrition Challenge Starter Guide! 

Featured Blog Post

If The Scale Can’t Measure Happiness, What Can??

Traditionally, success is rooted in biometric changes.

Many of our clients come to us with specific goals that are tied to increases or decreases in our body composition – our weight, our body fat percentage, our waist/hip/thigh circumference.

When focusing on the biometric changes, we can become short-sighted and lose perception of other changes that are taking place during the nutrition coaching process – performance goals, better sleep, happier mood, increased energy, healthier habits…and more!

So when a nutrition client comes to me with a non-biometric goal, I know it will be easier to keep them engaged and motivated. I know this because I have the same goals. 

To Find out why I turned my goal setting from biometric to non-biometric in nature READ THE FULL POST BELOW
Nutrition Made Simple Podcast

The first SIX episodes are LIVE!!

 If you have not listened to these yet you should! If you have not passed these episodes to YOUR nutrition clients you NEED to!


Episode 1: The WHY behind HSN >>HERE
Episode 2: Nutrition >>HERE
Episode 3: Support >>HERE
Episode 4: Stress >>HERE
Episode 5: Sleep >>HERE
Episode 6: Exercise: >>HERE

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