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Save time and don’t reinvent the wheel when building and growing a nutrition program in a gym. 

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Let’s Face It! You Don’t Have Time To Build A Nutrition Program From Scratch. The FREE Training includes:

  • Understand The Foundations Of A Successful Nutrition Program
  • Free Checklist & Starter Guide To Building A Nutrition Program
  • List Of Additional Free Help Resources All In One Spot Just For You
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Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast
Episode 48: 5 Tips For Increasing Buy-In With Existing Members

Are you struggling to get existing members bought into your nutrition program in your gym? This episode is for you!

Today, Ashley and I are discussing how to increase buy-in from existing members of your gym.
At least once a day, I’m asked on a free call by a Crossfit Gym owner, “How do I get my existing members bought in?”

Here’s the deal; it doesn’t happen overnight, but if you do the five things we talked about during this episode, it will happen.

With 2021 right around the corner, now is the time to be thinking about revamping your nutrition program. Book a free call with the nutrition business experts at HSN Mentoring to see how they can help you build a nutrition program without reinventing the wheel.

Enjoy this episode!

Webinar Recording

Do you know what metrics you should be tracking to make informed decisions about your programs?

In this webinar recording, Nicole Aucoin, founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition, and Nick Reyes, Chief Happiness Officer at PushPress, discuss what metrics you should be tracking in your gym.

They discuss the brand new nutrition reporting app integration on the PushPress dashboard to make it easy for gym owners to track their nutrition program metrics. 

Lastly, Nick and Nicole discuss strategies gym owners can implement to increase the retention of their nutrition clients, grow their nutrition program, and build a more resilient business. 

Weekly Gym Highlight

Amazing crew! Ladies only gym! 1st challenge ever 43 people – only two not fully engaging but they are still seeing results.

Jenn is just an amazing nutrition coach and she is motivating yet direct when leading people through this journey. She’s fabulous, funny, and just great to talk to. Rebecca the owner is a stitch as well and between the two of them, they have just crushed this.

Their clients are seeing AMAZING results. Jenn is the prize queen – mini weekly challenge prizes, grand prizes you name it! They are doing a nutrition talk each month and already have these planned out.

Mentor HEATHER says: “Great team! Love them!

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