One VITAL Tool You Need To Run A Successful Nutrition Program

“Do I really need to spend $6,000 on a body fat scanner?”

At HSN, we have an InBody machine and love it. It took me a full year to convince my husband that we needed it before opening our affiliate. But do you REALLY need it when starting a nutrition program?

Two weeks ago, I was having dinner with a few affiliate owners for an HQ event in San Diego. We started discussing test results and progress. I explained to them why we invested in an InBody. A few of them weren’t using anything to test client’s biometric data. It wasn’t a priority.

Most gyms have their athletes track their workouts to ensure they are getting better. Seeing the improvements and successes will keep your clients motivated. It’s the same thing with nutrition and weight loss.

If you are running a nutrition program, you need to be testing biometrics beyond the weight on the scale.

At HSN, we test weight, body fat, BMI, muscle mass with a simple InBody scan. We also test measurements with a standard tape measure. Yes, we invested in a high tech machine one year ago, however, prior to that (the past 10 years) we used a handheld OmRon machine. It’s quick, simple, non-invasive and allows you to get a baseline for your clients and track trends.

I get asked at least once per week by an affiliate owner if they REALLY need an InBody to run a successful nutrition program. The answer is no but you DO need a way to test your clients’ progress beyond the scale.

You should be testing weight, body fat, muscle mass and taking measurements.

Tracking progress ensures your clients are seeing results. It’s an easy way to find a bright spot and a great way to keep your clients motivated to continuing with you!