Our Mentorship In Two Phases

Are we the right fit? Chances are, that is your initial thought when you first learn about the HSN Mentoring program.

That is why the first step to our program is to find out if we are the right fit for each other. Nobody likes being caught in a bad romance and we want to make sure our values and goals align before we move forward. Once we determine, together, if it is the right fit, there are two simple phases that we follow to get you ready to fun a successful nutrition program.

Phase I – Orientation & Training

After sign-up, you will have an orientation call with our Director of Client Success. She will detail the process of your training, answer any questions you have before you get started, and be a point of contact throughout your lifecycle with us.

The next steps are pertinent to your success! You will have 5 calls over the course of 6-8 weeks with our mentoring team. You are not able to move on from one call to the next until you have completed the appropriate tasks and homework related to each training call.

Below are some examples of a few of the topics covered in your training calls.

Training Call #1 – Foundations

Training Call #2 – Marketing & Social Media

Training Call #3 – Breakdown of Individual Coaching & Challenges

Training Call #4 – The HSN App

Training Call #5 – Tracking Success and Sales

Phase II – Growth

Every month moving forward, you and your nutrition coach will schedule a call with your HSN mentor. This is a video call in which one of our HSN mentors will give you guidance in regards to running your program.

· Calls are 45 minutes long
· Calls first address your questions & how we can help you
· Next, calls address the growth strategies HSN puts in place each month for all of our mentoring clients.
· Each call you will get action steps for your nutrition coach to put in place during the month.
· Your monthly calls can be booked with any of the 6 mentors on our team!

Now you know the basics of how our program works! What are you waiting for?

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Heather Kiddo
HSN Mentor
Healthy Steps Nutrition