Podcast Episode 141: Prioritizing Mindset & Mental Health In Your Gym & Nutrition Coaching Program

Today’s podcast guest is Dr. Christina Migliara. She has a Ph.D. in General Psychology, Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and multiple state and national-level certifications related to mental health. Christina is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, a USAW Level 1 Coach, and is the owner of CrossFit Tailwinds.
She takes a deep dive into why gym owners and healthcare professionals need to prioritize mental health in their gyms and coaching businesses, and how to identify signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression to better support those struggling in their gyms.
She explained that mental and physical health are connected, and that gym owners should create a safe and inclusive environment. Additionally, they should be aware of common signs of anxiety and depression, such as changes in behavior, physical transformation, and isolation. Finally, she stressed the connection between community-based fitness and mental health, as it promotes bonding and releases hormones that reduce anxiety and depression.

"The truth is that mental and physical health go hand in hand and if anything, I would argue that the mind is probably more important than the body for the sheer fact of it's the leader, right? So if the mind is right, then the body will follow." - Dr. Christina Migliara

In this episode, you’ll learn the following:
  • How has the pandemic exposed mental health issues and how to create a safe space in your gym?
  • Why should owners care about mental health?
  • What role can a CrossFit affiliate or boutique fitness facility have in mental health?
  • What signs and symptoms can gym owners look out for to help recognize members struggling with mental health issues?

In This Webinar Recording You Will Learn:

  • How to set up your nutrition coaching program and packages
  • How to find a great fit to run your nutrition coaching program
  • How to integrate nutrition into your gym
  • How to increase buy-in with your existing members

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