Podcast Episode 179: Bonus Episode: Goal Setting Tips For Coaches With Jon Acuff

In this episode, host Nicole Aucoin engages in a dynamic conversation with goal-setting expert Jon Acuff. Building on a previous discussion about setting goals, they delve into bonus questions specifically tailored for gym owners and coaches. Jon shares valuable advice on guiding clients through the challenges of pursuing numerous goals while emphasizing the importance of removing the surprise element. They explore Jon’s fitness journey, particularly his embrace of CrossFit, and delves into the secrets of creating a thriving community around goals. Listeners gain actionable insights into personalization, community engagement, and the launch of Jon’s “Guaranteed Goals Community.” 
What You’ll Learn:
  • Setting and guiding clients through multiple goals
  • Jon Acuff’s personal fitness journey and transition to CrossFit at age 48
  • The importance of having a coach in the fitness journey
  • Building a strong community around goals and its parallels with the CrossFit community
  • Insights into creating and sustaining thriving communities Introduction to Jon Acuff’s “Guaranteed Goals Community” and the value of regular live check-ins

You can listen to Part 1 of this episode with Jon Acuff on setting goal on the Nutrition Made Simple Podcast Episode 92: The Secret To Reaching Your Goals

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