Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 88: 3 Unconventional Ways To Grow a Nutrition Coaching Program In A Gym

Today, Jason and Nicole Aucoin discuss three unconventional ways to build a nutrition program in a gym.
Jason manages our nutrition coaching program at Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ location and shares his experience with people who come through our doors through all three of these methods.
We are our experience and what works well with gyms using the Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring Program.
Make sure you stay tuned until the end, where I give you one actionable tip to help you implement these three unconventional ways.

3 Unconventional Ways To Grow A
Nutrition Program In A Gym

Nutrition-Only Clients

Think about all of your following that might not be interested in your gym but would be interested in nutrition coaching.
What about past members who moved to the other side of town? They love and trust you; your gym is just too far away but they might be interested in nutrition coaching!
Nutrition coaching is a great first step for many people. 

Partnerships With Local Businesses

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we partner with local businesses to provide value to their clients and increase our network! 
You might co-host a virtual nutrition seminar or set up a partnership with a local sports team to help their athletes with nutrition. 
🚀 The Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring Program provides gym owners and coaches with everything they need to set up partnerships and host virtual nutrition seminars (including slides, speaking notes and a recording of us doing it). 

Employee Wellness Programs

When we look at the most successful gyms running nutrition programs, they offer employee wellness programs. Imagine helping people in your community who would have never found your gym. Offering nutrition seminars or challenges is a great first step.
🚀 The Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring Program teaches you exactly what you need to do, step-by-step to build an awesome employee wellness program! 


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