Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 96: Simple SEO Tips For Gym Owners To Increase Their Presence Online With Dan Uyemura, Founder of PushPress

Today’s guest is Dan Uyemura, the founder of PushPress.
Dan and Nicole Aucoin recently hosted a free training for all Healthy Steps Nutrition and PushPress gym owners on how to increase their presence online.
We decided to host a podcast on some of the main takeaways from that training to provide gym owners with simple and actionable tips so that more people can find you online.
In today’s podcast, Dan and Nicole discuss simple tips to help you increase your presence online.

Nicole said, “I can tell you from personal experience, this stuff works! Google My Business gives you a report every month, and I recently got our report from the past 30-days. We had a 25% increase in clicks to our website, a 22% increase in searches, and a 5% increase in profile views from our Google My Business account. The best part is I didn’t pay $1 for any of these increases. It came from being intentional with how we leverage our website and Google My Business account.”

You need to do the little things to set yourself apart in a sea of fitness and nutrition options, especially now. These changes don’t happen overnight, but you will increase your presence online if you start doing them today.
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Training Recording For Gym Owners: How To Increase Your Ranking On Google? Simple SEO Tricks To Start Today!

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PushPress, Gym Management Software

PushPress is a gym management software that has a suite of services from member management, website to lead management. 

One-Day Healthy Steps Nutrition Challenge Training Intensive On Thursday, December 2nd 10 AM - 4 PM EST

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Meet Barry and Jocelyn, Owners of CrossFit Generation, 14-Year CrossFit Affiliate

Jocelyn and Barry opened up CrossFit Generation in 2007. They felt like they mastered delivering the fitness but nutrition was the missing piece. 

They ran challenges but never had a formal program to deliver a professional service to their clients until partnering with Healthy Steps Nutrition. 
She even did some nutrition coaching but it wasn’t a big part of the gyms she worked at. She was spending a lot of time creating content and resources to give her clients. 

“The Healthy Steps Nutrition Program provided us with the structure and a guide to take our nutrition program to the next level.” Jocelyn Weidner 

Today, Barry and Jocelyn have a team of six coaches to deliver their nutrition coaching program to all of their members.  
Healthy Steps Nutrition provided the systems, content, and ongoing mentoring allowing the nutrition team at CrossFit Generation to deepen the relationship and connections with their clients to truly transform their client’s health and lives. 


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HSN Mentoring is the largest nutrition mentorship business in the world, helping thousands of gym owners and coaches build successful nutrition programs.

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