HSN Mentor Training



Mentor training is the first step to joining the HSN Mentoring Team!

During this comprehensive training, you will learn how to teach gym owners and nutrition coaches how to use the HSN Business Platform to build their nutrition programs.




HSN Mentor Training takes about 8-10 weeks and includes online training, video calls with staff, shadowing mentoring calls, co-leading calls, leading mentoring calls then wrapping up with an evaluation. The process continues for the next 60 days once you graduate from the initial training.

During this training, you will learn:

  • The HSN Coaching The Coach’s Training
  • The WHY behind HSN Philosophies
  • HSN core values
  • How new businesses are on-boarded to use the platform and your role as an HSN Mentor
  • How to provide ongoing support to meet gym owners and coaches achieve what they are wanting from their program
  • How we provide ongoing support to help you grow as a mentor
  • Shadow live training and mentoring calls
  • Co-Lead live training and mentoring calls
  • Lead live training and mentoring calls
  • Additional 1:1 support with the senior HSN Mentor team

You are required to have 10 hours of availability per week for people to book calls upon graduating from the initial training. The training process is self-paced with the online course.

You will coordinate with the Chief of Staff to shadow, co-lead, and lead mentoring calls.