Split Sign-Up Fee (3 months) Mentoring Program

$1,700.00 / month for 3 months



Included with Initial Investment:3 Payments of $1,700 + $329/month (prorated the first month and renews on the first)

– Three subscriptions to the online course (owner + 2 coaches facilitating the program)

– Access to exclusive HSN App after training completion

– Access to HSN content, resources, meal planning tool & more after training completion

– Starter marketing kit- success stories, social media posts, nutrition tips & email content

– Access to the online client management dashboard after training completion

– Access to HSN Mentoring Program Facebook page

– (7) 45-minute training completion calls with an expert mentor

– On-going support

– $329 (Subscription fee) is prorated to the end of the month and will be renewed on the first of every month


Included in Monthly On-Going Coaching & Support ($329/month- minimum of eight months, renewed on the first of every month):

– Access to the HSN Affiliate Program Facebook page

– Access to updates on handbooks and online course

– New nutrition tips, email content, blog posts & recipes

– 45-minute monthly mentoring call

– On-going training for staff

– Access to exclusive HSN app

– On-going support

This subscription is licensed to one location. If you have multiple locations, you will be required to pay an additional subscription ($329/month) per location once you finish the training course.

This program was not designed or intended for online nutrition coaching. You only have the rights to any HSN material and IP with an active subscription to HSN Mentoring.