Professionalism In Your Nutrition Business

Whether you have been in business for 1 day or 1000 days, professionalism is one aspect that is a non-negotiable. It is important that your potential clients see you as an expert who will get them to their goals. It is hard for them to do that if your social media pages reflect a mix of your personal life and business life.

The first step to creating boundaries is to make separate personal and business social media accounts. While you want people to see that you are following your own plan, it is important that your business social media be just that- providing content that aligns with your business. Clients should not be seeing photos of your weekend or trips.

Social media is a tough balance to maintain, but one that is worth the time because it can lead to exponential growth. Social media is about consistency. Consistency with the number of posts, branding and message to your viewers.

When it comes to professionalism, here are some other areas that should always reflect the business in the best way possible:


– A clean and professional website can make the difference between a client choosing you or a second dietician they found on the internet. The website should be clear and have all the information they need to take action. If you are have a wordpress site and are looking for help, we recommend Theresa with For Time Design. She can be reached at

Infographics –

When creating free content for social media, infographics is a simple way to share valuable tips in a way that attracts readers. Canva is a free service with hundreds of templates you can use to create professional infographics.

Logos –

Creating a logo can be nerve wracking. This logo is a representation of you for years to come. If graphic design is not a strong point for you, hire someone to do it. The investment in a logo is worth it as it helps you feel more confident in your product. Fiverr is a great online site that allows you to hire a designer to create a logo for less than $25.

Pictures –

A professional headshot is important when starting a business. You need photos for social media and your website. You don’t want to post pictures that are blurry or unplanned. If photography isn’t your strong suite, hire a professional. By doing one photo shoot, you could have enough pictures for the next year. Then, when posting your pictures, add your logo somewhere on the photo. We recommend the “Preview” app to help organize your social media posts with a consistent theme. This also allows you to schedule posts to ensure consistency.

Office Space –

Signing a lease when you first start out in your business might not be in your budget. However, you don’t want to meet clients in a public place when they are sharing private information. Instead, rent a room or shared office space. Using a shared office space is one way to save money but also have a professional setting for meeting clients.

Professionalism comes down to one thing: thinking about the perception of the client. With social media, it can be very easy to make live videos, post in an instance, and share your thoughts. However, everything you say and do will be analyzed by the public.

Professionalism in business today means everything you do goes back to the core of your business. You should be asking one question: Is the message that is sent out providing value to your clients?

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