A Comprehensive Nutrition Program

With Proven Results That You Can Offer On-site!

This Nutrition Coaching program is designed to provide individuals with an easy, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness, using simple behavior modification strategies to create positive change without the stress of “dieting.” There are many programs that will tell you what not to eat and replace food with supplements. This is a teaching program that will help your clients understand what TO eat and how to achieve their goals, one step at a time! Best of all, you don’t need an extensive nutrition background because the user guides walk you through everything! Gain credibility with your clients because the program was written by a Registered Dietitian with years of experience working with this population. You are working with The Nutrition Expert!

Don’t waste your time designing a program that you aren’t sure will work. Over the years, we have found the best ways to execute a successful nutrition program and you can use our model and material with the HSN Consulting Program!

Launch Your Nutrition Program Within TWO Weeks Of Signing Up!


Program Overview:

  • Two Subscriptions to the HSNTraining Course 2.0 (owner + 1 coach)
  • Offer a 3-tier nutrition program
  • Step-by-step playbooks
  • Online client management portal
  • Exclusive HSN App
  • Access to private affiliate Facebook group
  • Blog posts, nutrition tips to promote and draw awareness to the program
  • Monthly mentoring phone calls and email support
  • Nutrition scripts for video content to establish expertise
  • Tons of healthy recipes and much more
  • Email content
  • Ongoing webinar trainings


  • $999 initial investment with an eight-month commitment of an Active HSN Subscription ($199/month)
  • Initial Investment includes two subscriptions to the HSN Affiliate Training Course. Cost for additional course subscription is $300
  • Not to be used for on-line nutrition coaching

** You only have the rights to use the client handbooks, meal plans and all other material provided by HSN while having an active subscription to HSN Mentoring.

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