Are You Looking To Hire A Nutrition Coach? Here Are The Top 3 Qualities In A Nutrition Coach (#2 Is The Most Important)

3 Qualities of An Amazing Nutrition Coach: ( #2 Is the Most Important)

As the owner of your gym, you can only wear so many hats, which means you need to find someone to be the face of your nutrition program. But maybe you are like many gyms I talk to who tell me, none of my coaches would be a good fit. 

Instead of putting someone in a seat that they are not passionate about, I challenge you to look within your community to see who might be a good fit to help. 

  1. Someone Who Is A Cheerleader

Nutrition coaches must be positive people! Clients are looking for someone to keep them accountable but also be that positive light when things get tough. We know progress isn’t a straight line and clients need to see success to help them continue to stay motivated. 

A nutrition coach needs to find the bright spots and all the little wins a client is making. No win or positive change is too small- even if it is continuing the changes from the previous month! 

  1. Someone Who Follows Through

I would argue to say that nutrition coaching is more about keeping your clients accountable to the action steps than teaching nutrition education. This one is non-negotiable when becoming a nutrition coach. If the coach says they are going to do something, they need to do it. 

Nutrition clients need to feel supported and that goes well beyond in-person visits or teaching a class. It means sending a message to check in on them, asking how they are doing implementing the action steps you set with them during the visit, sending healthy recipes and just checking in. 

Follow-through is the most important thing when it comes to being an amazing nutrition coach. 

  1. Someone Who Walks The Walk

As a nutrition coach, it is vital that you build rapport and relate to your clients. Who is more relatable on their weight loss journey than a nutrition coach who has lost 50 pounds themselves?

Conversely, if your nutrition coach is telling clients to not eat donuts and ice cream but they are posting pictures of donuts and ice cream, it is confusing for your clients. If your nutrition coach is asking clients to make certain recipes but has never made them, how can they answer questions. If your nutrition coach is telling clients to log their food in MyFitnessPal but they have never used it, they are not going to be able to support the client. 

By walking the walk, nutrition coaches are able to relate to their clients. Some of our best nutrition coaches are people who have been through a transformation themselves. 

When looking at professions, a good rule of thumb is that nurses and teachers make really great nutrition coaches. 

Do you have a nurse or teacher who is passionate about nutrition and everything you are doing? Instead of putting a coach in a nutrition coaching role who isn’t passionate, I challenge you to look within your community. 

If you have someone who is a good fit but need help with the system and support to build a nutrition program, book a free call today. 

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Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LD/N

Founder, Healthy Steps Nutrition
Home of CrossFit HSN and HSN Mentoring