Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast: Episode 9 Applying Storybrand Principles to Social Media

Building Your Storybrand has gained massive traction over the years. I stumbled upon the book in 2018 and a lightbulb went off. Using story to market your business makes so much sense.

No one knows this better than Clark Campbell and the RVRB team. They are a Storybrand agency and are the brains behind the Storybrand coverage during their live events on social.

If you are looking for some amazing event coverage, you should reach out to RVRB, they are AMAZING!

I would highly recommend reading the book, Building A Storybrand. If you are looking for help with application of the framework in your gym, we can help!

Sign up for the Nutrition Business Live Workshop on Friday, June 5th. It is a full-day of short seminars then practical application with the mentor team. Imagine a room full of 150 other business owners and nutrition coaches all looking to take their nutrition programs to the next level. That’s the live workshop!



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