3 Tips For Client Engagement Over The Summer

Summer is here, which brings a huge shift in routines for many of our clients. For some people it allows more time, for others it is less. Statistically, it’s a time when we see many people struggle nutritionally because of all the outdoor and community events. These tips are meant for you to help keep your nutrition clients engaged and motivated to work towards their goals! 

Strategy 1: Promote travel strategies throughout your social media and internal communication process. Make some cool infographics regarding road tripping and packing meals while on the go to help keep them on track. Here are a few tips for you to use in your promotion:

  • Pack a cooler, travel cutlery and a shaker cup
  • Pack quick snacks like jerky, turkey pepperoni, cut up fruit/veggies &  single serving whey protein packets
  • Pack stuff for wraps! Flat out wraps, nitrate free lunch meat, and guacamole cups 

Strategy 2: Share summer recipes! One recipe a week usually works great because people won’t get overwhelmed. Even include tips for reducing sugar during alcohol consumption. A lot of our clients sabotage themselves with alcohol and regret it later. Here are a few recipes for you to start with: 

  • Zevia Paloma! 1oz tequila, 1part soda water, 2 parts Zevia Grapefruit.
  • Eat burgers bunless. Save the carbs for some sweet potato fries. Make it a mexi burger by adding some avocado, lettuce, tomato, and onions to the top.
  • Instead of ice cream, make your own popsicles! 2 frozen bananas, 1tsp vanilla extract, 4 tbs milk, ½ cup frozen cherries, 1 can of zevia cream soda. Add everything to a food processor and pour into popsicle molds ¾ of the way full. 

Strategy 3: DON’T FORGET TO SWEAT! If your clients are traveling or just skipping the gym because of a busy schedule, providing travel workouts for them will put you in the forefront of their mind and possibly keep them from putting their membership on hold during the season. Here are some ideas for you to use:

  • 100 burpees for time
  • 7 air squats, 7 burpees – 7 rounds for time
  • 10 push ups, 100m sprint – for time

These tips are a great start in helping you with some ideas to produce content your clients can benefit from. Play around with it, add your own flare and a fun spin to your communication with them. Canva.com allows for us to create some really cool stuff for FREE! 

Heather Kiddo
HSN Mentor
Healthy Steps Nutrition