3 Hidden Gems Of The HSN Mentoring Program

If you are considering starting a nutrition coaching program in your fitness facility, wellness facility, or as an independent coach, you have come to the right place! Even if you are already running the HSN Mentoring Program, check this article out.

Founded by Healthy Steps Nutrition owner, Nicole Aucoin, HSN Mentoring is a turn key solution and educational platform to deliver a professional and successful nutrition program to gym owners, nutrition coaches and health coaches. We provide the initial training, ongoing support and client resources necessary to run a successful nutrition program without reinventing the wheel.

In this article we will discuss what being a part of the HSN Mentoring Program looks like and also some of its “hidden” perks.

What Does The HSN Mentoring Program For Nutrition & Health Coaches Include?

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we believe in a holistic approach and that nutrition should not be complicated. Our vision is to help one million people take control of their health by creating habits one step at a time, so they can prevent and reverse chronic disease.

Our whole training process and nutrition coaching program is centered around this philosophy. A successful nutrition program should teach how to run a nutrition business and also how to be a nutrition coach.  We want our coaches feeling confident, maximizing time and providing their clients with lasting results.

quote by Nicole Aucoin regarding helping 1 million people with their nutrition in order to stave off chronic disease

The steps to get started are easy!

Book A Free Call

  • Find out if we are a good fit for each other. During this initial call you will speak with founder Nicole Aucoin. Many things will be discussed such as your desire and reason behind wanting to start a nutrition program. Additionally going over a plan for staffing and implementation will also be talked about. If both parties agree then signing up is the next step!

Complete The Training Process

  • Included in the training process is an online course and 5 mentoring calls. This takes approximately 30 hours to complete not including the action steps and home work necessary.

    After the calls are completed you will be put through a practical application for nutrition coaching. You will also be coached and mentored by one of our dietitians on staff in order to help you become a better nutrition coach. There are a couple calls associated with this part of the training as well.

Launch the program after training is complete!

  • This is the most exciting part of the journey! Hard work pays off and when it’s launch time, everything you have learned through training is put into play. Nutrition now becomes a focal point in your business, and you are ready to help clients begin to see amazing results.


Below is a breakdown & summary of training each new HSN Mentoring client goes through during their 5 mentoring calls. In order to be able to implement the nutrition coaching program, all calls and homework must be complete. Keep in mind this is a summary. Detailed guides are given to clients for each focus area.

During each training segment, homework and action is required from our new mentees.

HSN Mentoring Holistic Framework for the business side of a nutrition coaching business

Call #1 - Foundations

During this call you will discuss setting up your pricing and packaging for initial clients, ongoing clients, current members, new members and also for a nutrition challenge. In addition you will create a front end offer, and discuss the important KPI’s every nutrition program should keep track of.

Roles and responsibilities are discussed as well as the sales process including how to handle objections.

Call #2 - Marketing & Holistic Approach

The training completed before call two includes in depth marketing training including how to set up your website to make it clear that you offer nutrition. We also look at social media outlets and emails.

Marketing should be set up to ensure that the client wins in the end and is the hero of the story. You have a solution to their problem. Provided in your marketing should be a clear call to action that indicates how clients get started.  We help you with all of this by providing education to you on how to create a content engine.

The second part of training call two is learning about the holistic approach to coaching we believe in at Healthy Steps Nutrition.

Pie chart of HSN Mentoring Holistic Framework for coaches running a nutrition coaching business

Call #3 - Individual Coaching

The individual coaching training is quite amazing. It teaches mentees how to become a nutrition coach! Education is received on the science behind nutrition, nutrition and chronic disease, how to apply all of your knowledge to actually coaching clients, and how to properly run a nutrition challenge.

Call #4 - Challenges and Ongoing Coaching

During this segment of training students will learn how to conduct many of the different types of consultations that go along with being a nutrition coach. Focus is given to the initial consultation completed when a client first signs up for a nutrition program.

Follow up visits are also an important part of the client journey and these are also talked about in full detail during this segment.

At this point in the game, mentees of the program are ready to secure some test clients to begin working with as part of their practical learning.

Call #5 - HSN App, Mock Consults & Program Evaluation

At HSN Mentoring we are lucky enough to have our own app! During this portion of training we teach implementation of the app, and how it applies to real life coaching. We also do a final in depth dive into the newly developed program you have created as a whole, and walk through the launch strategy.

After Training Is Complete

When training calls are complete and the program has been launched, support does not stop.

Monthly Mentoring Calls

Each month clients get a one on one mentoring call from an HSN Business Mentor. During the calls our mentors make sure that the program is on track by looking at the important KPI’s we discussed earlier. From here they help the nutrition coaches with any client issues or business issues that need addressed. Accountability is key here as action steps are continuously followed up on by our mentors to help ensure success of the business owner and coaches.

Marketing Help

Every month the HSN headquarters team comes up with new marketing. We provide nutrition tips, video scripts, Instagram reel templates, and email content nutrition coaches can customize and use to keep nutrition a priority in messaging.

Interactive, In Person & Virtual Events

Monthly we provide group support in addition to the individual mentoring calls that take place. Continuing education is huge in our eyes in addition to personal and professional development.

Mondays at 1pm EST are the Coaches Corner where Nicole and another HSN RD or business mentor get on a live call to help support the nutrition coaches running our program. Weekly topics are planned however Q&A about a clients specific situation is always welcome.

Some Coaches Corner topics we have this month are:

  1. Retention strategies and how to keep resolutioners

  2. Bringing back email consistency

  3. Updating your elevator pitch and getting your staff onboard

Webinars and Training this month include:

  1. Performance Nutrition And Working With Athletes; Nicole Aucoin

  2. Virtual Workshop on Expectation and Grace with Tim Arnold

It’s hard to believe that even with all of this training – there is still more.

HSN Mentoring client speaking with a nutrition business mentor via zoom

Hidden "Perks" Of The HSN Mentoring Program

Many of our clients at HSN Mentoring can’t stop talking about some of the things they experience as perks of the program that we don’t verbalize much.

This program is backed by Registered Dietitians with a combined experience of over 50 years.

Not only that, but we are lucky enough to have R.D.’s that specialize in many different areas including dealing with diabetes, disordered eating, menopause, vegan and vegetarians and helping CrossFit athletes eat to compete. Such a wide area of expertise and knowledge has really helped shape the education our program provides.

Owners Only Support.

A rising tide raises all ships. Every month we offer the OMP aka. Owners Mastermind Project. During this one hour zoom call for business owners only, we discuss many things business related that may not necessarily be nutrition related. One month we learned how to optimize our SEO on Google and the next month we helped a fellow owner with staffing issues not related to their nutrition coaching program.

This owners call is an open forum to discuss anything owner and business related regardless if it has anything to do with nutrition. Together we help each other become better.

Education that can be multipurpose.

The business tools we provide can be utilized in other areas of your business in addition to the nutrition program. For example, we provide a marketing timeline to market a nutrition challenge that can be applied to marketing any program in your gym! I use our challenge marketing template to market our kids program, competitions, weightlifting programs and really any other program we offer!

The SOP’s and guide we provide for hiring nutrition coaches has been used to hire fitness coaching staff and admin staff. The process is the same and our lessons are thorough.

All of the KPI’s we track and the spreadsheets we use to help our clients with this can be used for tracking the KPI’s of any program that is being run by a coach or an owner. Owners that do not have a traditional business mentor can use these tools to help them run their business.


At the end of the day we know that optimizing nutrition is the missing piece of the puzzle for much of our country. If we want to help 1 millions people, we can’t do it alone. We need the support of gym owners and their nutrition coach staff in order to see continued success in reaching our goal.

By putting this article out here, we are simply bringing to light a summary of our initial training process and pointing out some of the perks that go along with being an HSN Mentoring client.

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