The Importance of Having Your Entire Staff On Board

As a gym owner, it’s impossible to coach every class. It’s impossible to be present for every question your members ask. When you are not there, who answers the questions? Your coaches.

Leadership starts at the top. Owners influence coaches and coaches influence members.

Imagine if one of your coaches was working out at another facility. Do you think your members would wonder what “that” place has that you don’t offer? Eventually, you might have members leave to see what “that” place was all about. Your members need to see your staff bought into everything that you do within your business.

The same thing goes for nutrition. If your coaches aren’t on board with your nutrition program or are following another program themselves, it will cause confusion for your members. If your members are hearing mixed information about the hundreds of different diet programs available, there will be analysis paralysis. If there are too many options to choose from, they won’t choose any.

Your clients need one clear path to action. You need your staff to be on board with the programs you offer in house. If your business prospers, so will they.

If a member asked a coach about the nutrition programs you offer in house, what would they say? Do you have a procedure coaches follow when a members asks about nutrition?

Hopefully, you have an online scheduling portal such as Acuity for clients to book a No Snack Intro with your nutrition coach. This is a free 15-minute session to discuss their goals, test biometrics, and bridge the gap from thought to taking action. The nutrition coach will recommend the package that best fits your client’s needs based on customization, support and accountability. If you don’t have this system in place, it’s time to create one.

I challenge you to have a staff meeting or meet with coaches individually to ensure everyone is on the same page with the services you provide. If not, maybe they aren’t the best fit for your team.