The Secret To A Profitable Nutrition Program

Diversifying Nutrition Income

When starting a nutrition program, your main focus is on individual nutrition clients and it should be. But what happens next?

There comes a point where you are maxed out on the number of nutrition clients that you can manage successfully.

You have a couple options:

1. Add staff

2. Diversify income

We have added nutrition coaches to our staff and we are continuously adding more. The amount of people that need help with nutrition is endless.

The other option is branching outside of individual consults.

Locally, at Healthy Steps Nutrition, over 30 percent of our revenue stream comes from partnerships, corporate challenges and more.

Here are a few of the things we do locally outside of individual nutrition clients and fitness:

1. Corporate nutrition challenges

2. Nutrition seminars at corporate companies

3. Partnerships with local sports teams

4. Speaking engagements

5. Partnerships with schools

6. Writing articles for journals and blogs

As you can see, a nutrition program can expand well beyond individual nutrition clients.

What are you doing to build your program outside of your inner circle of clients?