The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do To Grow Your Nutrition Business

Content is KING. 

If you aren’t talking about nutrition, people won’t see you as an expert.

I’ve talked to dozens of dietitians and amazing nutrition coaches that just can’t seem to get their nutrition businesses booming. I’ve watched others build a profitable nutrition program in a matter of months. What is wrong with this picture?

A dietitian goes to school for a minimum of 4 years, completes a nine-month internship then must pass a board exam to become a registered dietitian. There are nutrition courses that you can take over a weekend and then call yourself a nutrition coach or in some states nutritionist. Guess what, the general population doesn’t know the difference.

All they care about is losing weight and they want someone to help them do it.

If the public isn’t educated about the difference between a nutritionist and dietitian, how to do become “the EXPERT”?

Here’s what we’ve found after working with hundreds of dietitians and nutrition coaches: Content is king. You need to post nutrition content regularly. If you aren’t talking about it, people won’t see you as the expert.

You need to diversify the modes of communication. For instance, at Healthy Steps Nutrition- nutrition is brought up regularly within the gym during questions of the day, we have a nutrition board highlighting clients who are doing amazing dialing in their nutrition, we post recipes regularly, we post nutrition memes regularly, we post success stories often. Nutrition is a part of our blogs, email content, and newsletters. Anyone following our content knows that we are the nutrition experts in the area because we talk about it on a daily basis!

When new members come to us, they expect to have nutrition as part of their plan because that has become the standard at our affiliate.

Taking the time to create all this content might seem overwhelming at the beginning but it’s worth the investment.

Creating content consistently is by far the single most important thing you can do to grow your nutrition business.

Pushing consistent content is so vital to growing a nutrition program that we give our mentoring clients weekly nutrition tips to post on their social media as well as email content to send out to their entire list. There is a direct correlation with posting content and the growth of the program.

Here’s an example of an amazing social media calendar as Signum CrossFit:

Social Media:

Sunday = Recipe,

Monday = 1 Minute Nutrition Video

Tuesday = Success Story

Wednesday = Nutrition Infographic

Thursday = Blog Post or Love Letter

Friday = Inspirational Quote

“I post nutrition-specific content for Signum CrossFit a minimum of 3x per week, ensuring our followers know that we are not only the fitness experts but also the nutrition experts! There should be no question when they’re ready to make a change and get healthier; they know where to come.” Emily Conners, Nutrition Coach and Owner of Signum CrossFit

If you are looking to step your content game up, here’s my action steps for you:

  1. Create a content calendar
  2. Keep a running list of ideas in your phone of content ideas
  3. Follow people who are great at posting nutrition content to get ideas
  4. Hire someone within your business if aren’t going to commit to doing it yourself
  5. Check out our FREE media bundle for additional ideas under the “Get Free Help” page. 


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