3 Ways To Keep The “Perfect” Client Motivated

We’ve all had those clients that never seem to need anything but always need help. What that means is they seem to have it all together, never do they ask for help between checkins, their food is a perfect 40/30/30 split, their choices are better than ours and they continuously hit their nutrition goals in MFP & the HSN APP.

They have been on the program for over a year and when they do their monthly checkin they are bringing recipes for you instead of the other way around. Their body fat has been optimal now for months and yet for some reason they are still here.  

How can you possibly keep these seemingly self sufficient clients happy and feeling motivated when they seem to have it all together?  As their coach, you sometimes feel you are wasting their money because you feel like there is nothing else you can do for them. Often times this “maintenance” phase Is the hardest on nutrition coaches because they feel like they aren’t providing for their client.  

Don’t project. This seemingly perfect client may struggle internally with things you aren’t aware of. Just because they appear to have it all together, deep down they may really need the accountability you provide to help keep them on track as they try to maintain all their success. This is why they are still with you and continue to need your help.

Tip #1

-Focus on their why. Find out why they continue the program by asking them in your check ins! Asking “What’s your Why” will help you as their coach find ways to motivate.

Tip #2

– Focus on the long term. This is the time when you can break out that initial goal sheet your client gave you when they first signed up! Check out that long term goal, you know-the one they thought they would never reach, and start working on it.

Tip #3-

Focus on some fitness. Sure your client is on your nutrition program, but if you are a gym owner or coach at a gym – you have fitness too! Start to incorporate some fitness goals in conjunction with their nutrition. Gaining muscle can almost never be a bad thing and this is a slow process. Starting to add in some strength training goals!  In addition, adjusting nutrition to incorporate some of the performance plans while you are working towards building muscle mass may be just the thing this clients needs to stay motivated and feeling successful.

Don’t throw in the towel on these “perfect” clients! Just because they aren’t losing pound after pound, their needs are different than a new client but your service to them is no less important. You are still a very valuable tool they can use on their journey to wellness!