Three Mistakes To Avoid

When you are on the inside of your own nutrition program, it is easy to get wrapped up with day to day operations and not focus on the foundations of a successful business. Whether you have been running your program for 6 weeks or 6 months, there are some common mistakes that, while they may seem small, can really hurt your program in the long-run.

It is important to consistently do “self-checks” to make sure you are on the right track with your program, regardless of how much it is bringing in. Below are three common mistakes we see in both established and new nutrition programs.

1. Not checking in with your nutrition coach: Your program is running well. You have a consistent number of clients each month and the revenue stream is steadily growing. This does not mean that you shouldn’t check in with your nutrition coach. Find out what the nutrition coach is doing and support them in their efforts. Even if the program is steadily making positive gains, your nutrition coach still needs someone to discuss ideas with in order to grow the program. One of the most successful things we started doing with our mentoring clients is a monthly workshop where we review the past month’s progress and plan the next month. This allows nutrition coaches and owners to communicate regarding the vision for growth.

2. Not attributing gains to nutrition: We commonly hear the question “What do you do to get fit?” When you or your members hear this question, what do they say? If their response is “CrossFit” only, then you are not talking about nutrition enough. The goal is for your member’s response to be “nutrition and CrossFit” or some answer that includes nutrition. Everyone at your facility should immediately default to nutrition¬†as being a key element in their fitness.

3. Not highlighting your ideal nutrition clients. Are you talking about the people who are doing well with your nutrition program? If you run a challenge and have 50 success stories then never post one of them- how will people know your program works. Your potential new clients want to see people just like them accomplishing their weight loss goals. You should be highlighting success stories on a regular basis- in your newsletter, on a nutrition board, on your website, and on social media. When is the last time you posted a success story? If it wasn’t within the past seven days- your next post should be a success story!

Have you done a “self-check” on your nutrition program this month? If not, take some time right now to check in on how you are doing. Don’t forget to set goals for your program so the steady growth continues!