Top 5 Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episodes For Gym Owners & Nutrition Coaches In 2021

About Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring & The Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we believe something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated. We help gym owners and coaches to build successful nutrition programs without reinventing the wheel.
I’m your host, Nicole Aucoin, registered dietitian and founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition, CrossFit HSN, and HSN Mentoring. I’m the author of the Basics of Nutrition Coaching, CrossFit Preferred Nutrition Course.

In this podcast, we are going to teach you how to take one step at a time to build a successful nutrition program and where you finally feel confident when talking about nutrition to their members and communities!


Episode 60: How To Build A Nutrition Program Into A CrossFit Gym

Most gym owners know that in order for their clients to see amazing results, they need nutrition, fitness, and accountability. The problem is most gym owners don’t know where to start when building a nutrition coaching program beyond a challenge or informal conversation. 
In this episode, Jason and Nicole Aucoin, the owners of Healthy Steps Nutrition and CrossFit HSN, discuss what you really need to know when building a nutrition program into a CrossFit Gym!
By adding a nutrition coaching program in a gym, you will:
  • Help your members see better results
  • Increase retention for your members
  • Add a revenue stream that isn’t reliant on your gym walls to be open
  • Have the ability to support your members virtually
  • Expand your reach and help people who are not members of your gym through employee wellness or other people in your community

Episode 64: How To Find A Great Nutrition Coach In A CrossFit Gym

Who makes a great nutrition coach?
After training over 3,500 nutrition coaches and gym owners, it’s obvious who makes a great nutrition coach and who doesn’t!
Gym owners wear too many hats; adding the nutrition coaching hat is not feasible for most! Instead, we need to find a great fit to help you run your nutrition program.
In this episode, Nicole Aucoin & Ashley Osterman discuss:
  • What key characteristics do amazing nutrition coaches have
  • How to hire a nutrition coach internally
  • What to do if you don’t have a good fit to run your program
  • How to hire a nutrition coach externally
  • What to do if your coach isn’t the best fit

Episode 99: How To Get Your Staff On Board With A Nutrition Coaching Program In A Gym With Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentor, Lindsay McDonald

Today’s guest is our longest-standing mentor and chief of staff, Lindsay McDonald.
She has helped every gym owner launch their nutrition programs, and she is the main point of contact for gym owners as they are going through training. Let’s just say, she is a rockstar!
In today’s episode, Lindsay and Nicole discuss some critical practices to increase staff buy-in and grow your nutrition program in a gym.
As a gym owner, you don’t need to be involved with the day-to-day when building a nutrition program, but you do need to support the coach who heads up your program.


Episode 70: Leveraging A Holistic Approach As A Nutrition Coach

As coaches and gym owners, we all got into the business of helping people. What solution do you provide people? What is the client’s emotion as the end result?
At Healthy Steps Nutrition, it comes down to one word; confidence. Our mission is to empower clients to become the healthiest version of themselves one step at a time.
Our goal is to empower healthy lifestyles, which goes far beyond what you eat or coming into the gym for an hour to take a class.

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we developed a framework focused on the WHOLE client. This framework includes stress and mindset, support, sleep, exercise, nutrition all to create a healthy lifestyle.


In this episode, Nicole Aucoin and Ashley Osterman discuss:
  • Why you need to focus on the whole client
  • How stress, sleep and support work together to support or inhibit your client’s progress

Episode 42: How To Integrate Motivational Interviewing
With Nutrition Coaching

In today’s podcast, Ashley and Nicole discuss motivational interviewing.
As coaches, we are in the relationship business and by utilizing motivational interviewing techniques, we can deepen the relationship with our clients.
In this episode, Nicole Aucoin & Ashley Osterman discuss:
  • The types of questions you should be asking during client consultations
  • Assessing your listening skills
  • Ensuring accurate interpretation of what the client is telling you