HSN Mentoring has helped over 2,000 gym owners, and coaches build successful nutrition programs. I have done over 3,500 free calls with gym owners since 2014. Every gym has made at least one of these mistakes. 


The first mistake is not creating a clear message that nutrition is part of your brand, and you are the expert. When I opened Healthy Steps Nutrition in 2012, I was focused on getting new clients and didn’t realize the best way to get new clients was to share free help to build myself as an expert. 


Creating content takes time. You must become a content king or queen and be consistent with your message! 


If you want people to associate nutrition with your brand, you need to prioritize nutrition in your message. At the same time, your entire staff needs to be on the same page and speak the same language when it comes to your nutrition program.

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Save Time, Money & Lost Client By Avoiding These Top 5 Mistakes