How To Become A Content King

How To Become A Content King (or Queen)


When you want to learn more about something or want help, where do you go first?


Two things come to mind immediately; the internet or someone you trust. 


The next question becomes, how do you build trust as a business? 


People trust people, not companies. As a business owner or nutrition coach, you must position yourself to be a trusted resource for help in whatever services you offer. 


Let’s pretend you want to build a personal training base in your CrossFit affiliate. You need to discuss the benefits of personal training, including; individualized attention, creating your schedule, and a custom program tailored to the individual. 


The same thing goes if you want to build a successful nutrition program. 


If you were to ask any of the hundreds of gyms around the world using the HSN Mentoring platform to help them build a nutrition business, they would tell you publishing consistent content and keeping nutrition front, and center of their brand was vital to their success. 


If you have never created content before, the idea can seem overwhelming. 


You might be thinking, “I have to add something else to my plate? I don’t even know where to start.”


This week I’m going to lay out a beginner’s guide to creating content. We will be going even more in-depth to create content with examples during the Nutrition Business Virtual Workshop next week.  


Here’s where to start:


   1. Pick a topic that is relevant to your audience now


Think about the most popular questions you get asked about nutrition. What are people struggling with right now? 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Easy meal prep ideas
  • How should I eat before I workout?
  • Can I have agave? {replace with any sugar substitute that is marketed as healthy} 
  • I struggle with boredom eating– what should I do?
  • How can I eat out and stay on track?
  • What is a macro?
  • Can I have coffee?
  • What do I do if I don’t like vegetables? 


   2. Once you pick a topic, write down the main idea then 3-4 supporting points. 


   3. Turn that into a video, email, and blog. 


   4. Share that FREE help with your entire audience. 


If you want people to see you as the expert, you need to share free help to your entire audience, not just your members. 


Using FREE help, like nutrition talks, is a great strategy to capture leads and warm up a cold audience (ie, past members). 


Creating content takes time and, most importantly, consistency. 


If you are a gym owner, you want your nutrition coach to be seen as the expert; they need to be publishing the content. 


One of the best perks of HSN Mentoring is we provide the content for you. Gym owners and nutrition coaches don’t have time to reinvent the wheel and create content. 


With the monthly subscription to HSN Mentoring, you are provided with nutrition tips, video scripts, email content, and nutrition talks every month to help you build authority as the nutrition experts. 


Creating content and establishing yourself as the expert so that your community thinks of you when they are looking for help with their nutrition is what takes an ok nutrition program to a thriving nutrition business. 


If you are serious about building a nutrition program within your gym, you need to become the content king. Sit down, create a plan and get to work, or sign up with HSN Mentoring, and we do the work for you. 😉

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