Top Three Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episodes For CrossFit Gym Owners

Gym owners know that in order for their clients to see great results, they need to be talking about nutrition. In fact, the foundation of the CrossFit Fitness Pyramid is nutrition, yet most gym owners skip right over the conversation and focus on fitness.

Why is nutrition the missing piece of the puzzle in so many CrossFit gyms?

Simply put, gym owners way too many hats and the idea of starting a nutrition program from scratch is way too overwhelming. Maybe they don’t have any formal education and they only know “what works well for me.” I hear the same story every day.

“I know nutrition is important. I run nutrition challenges but my nutrition program ends at the end of a challenge. Or I had a program but my nutrition coach left and the program left with them.”


Does that sound familiar? 



This is why we started providing a ton of FREE help to gym owners. Every week on the Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast, we provide simple and actionable tips to build a nutrition program. 

In March of 2021, we released a FREE CrossFit CEU course on building a nutrition program, over 500 people registered within weeks, not for the CEUs, to learn how to integrate a nutrition program into a gym. 

By adding a nutrition program you will improve member results, increase retention and add a revenue stream that isn’t reliant on your doors to be open! 

Here’s The Top Three Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episodes For CrossFit Gym Owners:

Episode 60: How To Build A Nutrition Program Into A CrossFit Gym

In this episode, Jason and Nicole Aucoin discuss three main strategies needed to build a successful nutrition program within a gym.
If you are missing one of these, it will slow the growth and the potential impact that your nutrition program could have. 

Episode 64: How To Find A Great Nutrition Coach In A CrossFit Gym

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin and Ashley Osterman discuss how to find a nutrition coach. After training over 3,500 gym owners and nutrition coaches to build nutrition programs, it’s clear what key personality traits are needed when hiring a rockstar coach.
In this episode, we discuss hiring from within your staff, hiring within your community, and lastly, hiring from the outside.
If you are looking to build a nutrition program and add a coach, do yourself a favor and listen to this episode! 

Episode 66: Three Proven Strategies To Increase Staff Buy-In With Your Nutrition Program

As a gym owner and/or nutrition coach, you aren’t going to be in front of every member. Ensuring your staff is on the same page is vital to the success of your program.
Here’s the problem, coaches will not talk about what they don’t feel comfortable with, so it’s your job as a nutrition coach and an owner to train them and ensure they feel comfortable!
But some gyms have exceptional staff buy-in.
What do they do differently?
In this episode, Ashley Osterman and Nicole Aucoin discuss three proven strategies to increase staff buy-in.

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