Rest and Recover

Independent Activity Create a sleep hygiene plan. Your plan should include: A wind-down period where you set boundaries to disconnect from work for the day. A nighttime routine you follow A proper room set up that is conducive to sleep.

Quiet Time

Independent Activity Take 5-10 minutes each day for quiet time. Work your way up in increments you can tolerate to slowly acclimate yourself to being still and in silence. As with any habit, small micro-adjustments help to make it easier to do. Then, take 10-20 minutes each day to do nothing. Keep a journal handy […]


Independent Activity Set a time on your calendar to connect with a friend you’ve been wanting to see but “haven’t had time to” at least once a month. When you and your friend treat it like a meeting with your boss you will ensure you keep it and the slot will already be filled so […]


Independent Activity Choose one thing you are interested in pursuing as a joy and spend some time at least one day a week participating in that activity, skill, or hobby.


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Marketing 101

Complete the Self-Assessment in Your Workbook Start Talking About Nutrition Now In the document below, you will find nutrition tips with suggested word copy, email content, and recipes to start making nutrition a priority in your message. Use the canva template then change the colors and add your logo to brand it like your own! […]


Canva is great tool for: Success stories E-Books Recipes Infographics   The desktop version is easier to work with!