Training Recording: Continuing The Momentum From The Healthy Steps Nutrition Live Workshop

Can you believe it’s already been two weeks since the HSN Live Workshop?! This event was like a firehose of information to take home and apply to your gym so that you could make a greater impact in your community changing lives and improving health through nutrition and fitness coaching. 
There are so many times that I’ve been to a seminar or conference for gym owners, learned so much but when it came time to start applying everything in my business, I got busy.


The thing is direction, not intention, determines your destination.

Knowledge doesn’t drive results, action does. 


I want to help you continue the momentum so that you can feel supported and take action on what you are wanting for yourself and your business. 
During this webinar recording, we reviewed the top takeaways from the Healthy Steps Nutrition Live Workshop for gym owners, discuss practical steps to implementing them into your business and give you an opportunity to connect with fellow attendees. 

About Healthy Steps Nutrition, HSN Mentoring & The HSN Live Workshop

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we believe health starts inside your gym through nutrition, fitness and accountability coaching.
CrossFit affiliate owners, small boutique gym owners and coaches have dedicated their lives to helping people become the best versions of themselves, and in order to do that, they need to focus on a holistic approach. 
HSN Mentoring provides gym owners and coaches a turn-key solution to building, launching and executing a professional habit-based coaching program in a gym. 
The Healthy Steps Nutrition Live Workshop is an event to bring gym owners together who are prioritizing health inside their gym so they can make a bigger impact in the community.
Experts spoke about culture, leading teams, stress management, mental health, hormone health, keeping a client-centered approach and so much more.

Did you miss the 2022 Healthy Steps Nutrition Live Workshop?

The 2023 HSN Live Workshop will be on July 14th and 15th in Nashville, Tennessee. Two full days of speakers, breakout sessions and so much more!
Come to learn and connect, leave inspired to take action.
This event is for CrossFit affiliate owners, gym owners and nutrition coaches. 

Thank You To Our 2022 Healthy Steps Nutrition Live Workshop Sponsors

2022 Healthy Steps Nutrition Award Winners

All Fit Orlando earned the rising star award. Over 90% of new members are starting with nutrition and fitness. Since launching his nutrition program in February, over one-third of his membership has participated in the program! Way to go, Rob!
CrossFit Generation eared The Dream Team Award. They have a team of six nutrition coaches who have all found their niche to support their community. Their team works together to make a greater impact in the community. Best of all, Barry, the owner has never missed a mentoring call in five years! 
Impact Fitness & Nutrition earned the Community Impact Award. From radio stations, grocery store partnerships to TV shows, Autumn has positioned herself as the expert to help people using a habit-based approach in the Muscatine area. Impact even sponsored a golf tournament that led to over 80 leads for their nutrition coaching program!
The V Fit earned the Leading By Example Award. Archie started his gym before fitness was a priority in his city, there weren’t even side walks! Fast forward ten years, they have a thriving gym helping people with nutrition, fitness and accountability. They have an amazing nutrition coach, Joy, who is changing lives in their community! 
The HSN Award went to a gym who not only has built a thriving program inside their gym, they have expanded into employee wellness and working with school districts to help teacher prioritize health. They are currently running a nutrition challenge with 180 teachers in their area. Cassandra, their coach, is always answering questions, joining coach development training sessions and has a growth mindset to learn and help other coaches in the HSN family!

Lock In Your Spot For The 2023 HSN Live Workshop Now!

The 2023 HSN Live Workshop will be on July 14th and 15th in Nashville, Tennessee. Two full days of speakers, breakout sessions and so much more!
Come to learn and connect, leave inspired to take action. 

About the author

Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LD/N

Founder, Healthy Steps Nutrition
Home of CrossFit HSN & HSN Mentoring

Author of Nourish & Healthy Kids Cookbook

Author of The Basics of Nutrition Coaching Course, CrossFit Preferred Nutrition Course

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