Virtual Workshop Recording On Expectations and Grace with Tim Arnold

After having Tim Arnold a as guest speaker at the Live Workshop in 2022, Nicole knew she wanted to invite him back to host a virtual workshop as a perk to all HSN Mentoring clients.

According to Tim, “As a leader, it often feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle against broken systems, impossible demands, and unreasonable people.”

The truth is most people who work in the fitness industry as a coach or an owner struggle with the same uphill battle. 

So last week on January 19th, Nicole hosted a Virtual Workshop on Expectations and Grace with Tim Arnold for HSN Mentoring clients.

In this recording, you will hear Tim talking about managing expectations and grace. He discusses unleashing the power of both/and in an either/or world.

Tim Arnold is just one of many exciting keynote speakers for the 2023 Gym Accelerator Summit. 

Keep scrolling to learn more about the event and see clips from last year’s Live Workshop.

Recording of the Virtual Workshop On Expectations and Grace with Tim Arnold

Workbook to Go Along With the Virtual Workshop


Role Play & Gain Practical Experience To Better Support Your Clients Using A Holistic Approach

Listen To Panel Discussions & Ask Leaders In The Industry Questions

Connect With Fellow Gym Owners To Level-Up Your Business


At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we believe health starts inside your gym through nutrition, fitness and accountability coaching.
CrossFit affiliate owners, small boutique gym owners and coaches have dedicated their lives to helping people become the best versions of themselves, and in order to do that, they need to focus on a holistic approach.
The Healthy Steps Nutrition Live Workshop is an event to bring gym owners together who are prioritizing health inside their gym so they can make a bigger impact in the community.
Experts spoke about culture, leading teams, stress management, mental health, hormone health, keeping a client-centered approach and so much more.

You can expect more of this at the 2023 Gym Accelerator Summit on July 13th-15th  in Nashville, TN

quote by Nicole Aucoin regarding helping 1 million people with their nutrition in order to stave off chronic disease
HSN Mentoring client speaking with a nutrition business mentor via zoom

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