Your Website is Losing Money – Here’s 4 Reasons Why

If you have been following HSN for a while, you have seen some major website overhauls over the past three years.

Like most of you, when I first started HSN, I had no money to spend on hiring a developer. I thought it made sense for me to do it myself, to learn how to do it, and at least get something up on the web. I spent countless hours coming up with the “perfect” website. I talked about my education and our vision and mission at HSN. 

Over the past five years, we have had a few different website developers working on the sites but the most improvements happened after becoming a Storybrand Guide. If you haven’t heard of Storybrand, download the book today and read it. I promise you will thank me later!

I learned many valuable things during the Storybrand certification that we use within the mentoring program today, but the one that has helped gyms owners increase leads the most has been revamping their websites. 

I’ve done over 1500 free calls over the past 5 years with gym owners. Typically, the first thing I do is look at their website before the call. I want to see what they offer and if they even talk about nutrition. The majority of the time they are making 3+ of these mistakes. 

1. You Don’t Have A Clear Call To Action

If you don’t have a Book A Free Intro and Sign Up Now button on your website, you are losing money. People need to know what you want them to do. This button should stand out. If you look at and scroll down the page, it’s pretty obvious I want you to book a free call. It should be the same thing with your website and your clients. 

2. You Don’t Mention Nutrition On The Front Page

If you can’t tell that you offer nutrition within 5 seconds of looking at your main page, it’s a problem. Your main header should say something about nutrition and fitness coaching. Potential new clients do not want to search your website for all your services. Make it easy for people to know without clicking any buttons that you offer nutrition services. 

3. You Aren’t Talking About Your Clients’ Problem

Your clients do not care about your amazing list of certifications. Trust me, I’m proud of all the letters behind my name to but it really doesn’t matter and it definitely shouldn’t be on the front page of your website. You need to be talking about your ideal client’s problem. What are they struggling with? Talk about the problem and how you can solve it. You need to enter into your client’s story and talking about their problem is the best way to do it! 

4. You Are Missing A Lead Capture Tool 

If you don’t have some way to capture email addresses and a free giveaway on your website, you are missing out! You should offer a free PDF guide for your clients to download then nurture the clients to come into your facility. There are numerous different software services out there that will help you set up nurture campaigns to market to new clients. We use Mailchimp and Uplaunch (which is a gym specific CRM) to capture emails with our lead capture tools. Make sure you have nutrition emails in your nurture campaign! 

Gyms using the HSN Platform to build their nutrition business receive templates and a lead capture tool to ensure they are optimizing their websites. These changes have helped websites go from 1-2 leads per month to 15-17 leads per month. 

At HSN, we believe something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated which is why we have built a comprehensive nutrition platform to help gyms implement nutrition programs! If you are ready to invest in your business to make nutrition a core offering, I want to help.

Book a free call today. 


Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LD/N
Founder, Healthy Steps Nutrition
Home of CrossFit HSN and HSN Mentoring