Whatever it Takes…

Last year, we decided we were going to have a Beach Bash! This wasn’t just a normal beach bash, our friends and family from all over came to Ormond Beach to watch my (now husband) and I get married at our sunrise ceremony. We rented a nine bedroom house and we invited couples coming from out of town to stay in the house with us. I would like to introduce you, Nevin Nelson.

Nevin drove down from DC and surprised us all with what he packed with him. You see, Nevin was in the military and a security guard for one of the highly ranked government officials. He was often assigned details to work with the VP & the President of the United States. Nevin trained hard and ate just the right amount of macronutrients to maintain his body and ability to preform his job the best. Nevin brought a cooler full of food and supplements. Nevin weighed and measured everything he put in his body. He knew exactly what he needed and he followed this regimen to a tee.

I remember the night before our sunrise ceremony after the rehearsal dinner, Nevin was in the kitchen making the protein pancakes for the next morning. He was one of the awesome guys who volunteered to set up the ceremony at 5AM (he probably didn’t want to have to wake up any earlier than he had to). He asked if I wanted to try them. I was watching what he was putting in them and it was super simple, I thought there was no way they tasted good. To my surprise, they were delicious. Nevin’s protein pancakes were a hit with everyone. We all parted ways the next day but I remembered how amazing these protein pancakes were and how easy they were to make. I asked him for the recipe a few days later and for the past 6 months, I have kept it to myself. I have been texting it to clients but now they are making it to the blog and the website recipe page.

The moral of the story with Nevin, he did whatever it took. He knew exactly what he needed to do and he did it. He was motivated. He worked hard to maintain his body to perform his job the best. Maybe you don’t have a job that you need to be in the best shape for but maybe you do have kids that want you to play with them. Maybe you want it to be easy to walk up two flights of stairs or be able to get up and down off the floor without it being a struggle. Find your motivation to do whatever it takes. Make a commitment to make yourself a priority!

Here is Nevin’s delicious protein pancake recipe.