Why isn’t my nutrition program growing?

It’s January 1st and you’re launching a nutrition challenge. Everyone is excited about how they are going to follow this diet and lose weight during the 28-Day Nutrition Challenge. On Feb 1st, the challenge ends. Not long after, all those challenge participants are back to their old habits. After their final weigh in, they never heard about nutrition from your facility again. Those 20+ success stories end up getting dusty in a file folder never to be seen again.

The importance of nutrition starts at the top. It starts with you. If you aren’t talking about nutrition on a regular basis, if you aren’t posting nutrition tips, sending emails about nutrition to your list, discussing nutrition in classes and building nutrition as part of your programming, then your members aren’t going to make it a priority. If you don’t have nutrition built into your foundations programs new clients won’t realize how important nutrition is to achieving their health and weight loss goals.

You should be discussing nutrition with members at least twice per week. You should also be highlighting members who have done well with nutrition on a regular basis and showing your clients you can help them too.

Over the past three years, we have helped hundreds of gyms implement nutrition programs. More than 90% of these gyms made 5 times return on their investment each month.

What is the difference with these programs?

 Gyms that are growing their nutrition programs have these 5 things in common:

1. Implementing customized nutrition programs for new clients from Day 1: Discuss nutrition from a client’s first day in OnRamp or Foundations.

2. Building hybrid programs: Explain the importance of accountability to their success and build a hybrid program that include nutrition + fitness

2. Discussing nutrition on a regular basis with their members: Send email content, post nutrition tips and have a nutrition board posted

3. Everyone on their staff is on the same page: When a potential nutrition client asks a question, the staff knows exactly how to describe the nutrition program and encourages the potential client to book a free intro session with the nutrition coach.

4. Highlighting success stories on a regular basis of clients following their nutrition program: These success stories are in emails, on their website and in their facility.

If you are reading this and aren’t doing these 5 things, take a look at your program and re-evaluate. It starts at the top; have the structure and systems in place and the nutrition clients will come.