Fact: Our audience needs to hear and see something 7-10 times for it to truly resonate AND not everyone responds to the same content type.

This applies to your content, the message you are trying to share with your internal and external audience.  If you are sharing too many different ideas at once, people will be less likely to take action.

Instead, focus on the most important message you want to share and find multiple ways to get that message across. 

You need to say things in different ways so you’re reaching the broadest audience possible. Some might respond well to video content; others to a written email. Catchy infographics on social media might grab someone’s eye, while others prefer to read a video transcript. The important thing is that we are conveying the same message to all those audience groups.

Let’s make it easy on ourselves and easy on our audience. Making our content easier to receive and digest will ultimately improve the warm lead generation process.

Healthy Steps Nutrition is a turn-key solution for building nutrition programs and that includes social media content.

Each month we provide you with:

  • Four video scripts
  • Four emails
  • At least four wellness and nutrition infographics
  • Recipes
  • Monthly nutrition talk

Not an HSN Mentoring Client, but want more HELP with marketing??

Here are 2 easy ways to repurpose content to increase your social media presence:

#1 Brainstorm themes to build your content around.

 Common questions you get asked are a great way to draw common themes. Themes should be timely and relevant to what people are struggling with or looking for more information on at that time.


Pick one main theme –  for eg 5 Tips to Navigating a Healthy Holiday.

#2 Make content that relates back to that theme and send it out!

For example: a YouTube video link sent out via email, an infographic or string infographics that highlight one of those five tips on your business’ IG, a written blog on your website – there are no limits.

If you are only saying your message once and in one format, you are missing out!

Mentoring Blue Tips

This may sound like a lot of work, but at HSN Mentoring, we do the work for you. Each month we provide one main theme with a nutrition talk and then all the content you need to share your message with a diverse audience!


Repurposing your content not only benefits your audience but it also saves you time from creating new content multiple times a week.

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