3 Best Practices When Building A Nutrition Program In A CrossFit Gym

As a gym owner, you know that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. You need to be talking about nutrition to help your clients see the results they are looking for in the gym.

Your nutrition coaching program must go beyond an informal conversation about nutrition or a nutrition challenge to truly support your clients on their journey to becoming the healthiest versions of themselves.


Health and nutrition have never been more important. With gym owners being forced to shut their physical locations down again due to COVID, diversifying revenue streams and areas you can support your clients beyond in-person classes is vital to your success as a business.


As a CrossFit affiliate owner and Registered Dietitian, I understand what it takes to build a successful nutrition program in a CrossFit gym.


It’s not a secret!


We have been creating free content since 2016, empowering gym owners to make nutrition a bigger priority in their business through the free content and blogs we have written. One of the articles I wrote for the CrossFit Journal was translated into multiple languages.

I’ve heard from thousands of CrossFit gym owners, “Nutrition coaching is the missing piece of the puzzle in my gym. I need to offer a more structured nutrition program, but I have no idea where to start.”


Building a nutrition program inside a gym can feel overwhelming if it’s not your expertise, so we will provide you with the three best practices after training thousands of gym owners and coaches to build successful nutrition programs inside of CrossFit gyms and fitness facilities.  


Here Are The 3 Best Practices When Building A Nutrition Program Inside A Gym:


1. Consistency With Your Message

If you want to build a successful nutrition program, you need to be talking about nutrition consistently in classes, in your social media, in email, and in marketing content. Your entire staff needs to be on the same page with your nutrition program.


Most gym owners tell me that their coaches are not on the same page with their nutrition program.




It’s likely because they don’t know enough about it. Roleplay, have them be test clients, get them comfortable with how you want them talking about your program, and how someone gets started.

2. Create A Clear Client Journey

If you want people to get signed up for nutrition, you have to explain why it is vital to help them achieve their goals and make it easy for them to get started. Instead of saying nutrition is important, then moving onto fitness, talk to them about what they are doing now, what’s worked well in the past, and help them understand how proper nutrition will help them reach their goals.


When we look at the most successful gyms running nutrition programs, it is clear that they guide new clients to get started with both. After running a nutrition challenge, they recommend clients to upgrade their membership and continue with nutrition coaching.


Creating hybrid memberships that include nutrition and fitness will maximize your client’s results, increase retention rates, and increase profits. After helping thousands of gym owners and coaches build successful nutrition programs, this is essential when building a nutrition program inside a gym.


If you are looking for more support on building nutrition and fitness programs, register for a free webinar with Nicole Aucoin and Chris Thorndike on December 2nd at 1 PM EST. Register HERE.


Watch this video HERE to learn more about what Chris and Nicole will cover in the webinar on building nutrition and fitness programs to maximize results, retention, and profit. 

3. Offer Nutrition-Only Membership Options

With gyms shutting down in this season, you must add revenue streams that do not rely on a physical location. You can build nutrition-only memberships for people who are not interested in the gym but are interested in help with their nutrition.


Gyms using the HSN Mentoring platform are seeing an increase in nutrition revenue from past members and people in their communities signing up for nutrition-only memberships.


At Healthy Steps Nutrition and CrossFit HSN HQ, we have more new clients signing up for nutrition-only than our gym. Why? Because we create a consistent message that we are the nutrition experts in town.

Building a nutrition program from scratch can feel overwhelming, and you don’t have time to reinvent the wheel as a gym owner!

Instead, use the free help that we provide through our weekly podcast episodes, past webinar recordings, and our ultimate starter guide to building a nutrition program.



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