3 Reasons You Need To Evaluate Your Nutrition Coaches

When was the last time you evaluated your nutrition coach? 

 If you’re not seeing nutrition clients yourself, the answer is probably —- never! And you are not alone!


Our gold standard recommendation is for owners and nutrition coaches to be meeting every 2 or 4 weeks for accountability, but an important part of that accountability should be the evaluation process.

Here’s why:

#1 Consistency

The voice of your nutrition program is one of simplicity and consistency.  Those themes should be echoed during all nutrition meetings with clients. 

Are your nutrition coaches advertising a habit based approach, yet delivering something different? 

If there are multiple nutrition coaches working, are clients receiving the same experience or do they differ from coach to coach?

While coaches will have their own style, the underlying principles of your nutrition program should be consistent. 

#2 World Class Experience

There is little motivation to improve, to strive for greatness or to fine tune motivational interviewing skills – unless we are evaluated.

Evaluations allow owners to identify where their coaches need support – they provide a safe space for constructive feedback and a chance to improve client experience. They also allow additional practice for nutrition coaches – potentially with the owner taking on the role of a troublesome client or scenario that requires role play.

The result is a win-win for owner and coach, but more importantly, for the future nutrition client. 

#3 Growth

Structured evaluations provide an excellent opportunity to identify areas of growth for your nutrition coach and nutrition program.

Your input and perspective as an owner are integral in helping your coach become more confident and successful in their career path.

Identifying strengths during the evaluation process will allow the coach to feel more confident and avoid the imposter syndrome. When coaches feel confident, they are READY to take on more clients and search for bigger opportunities.

Don’t have time to conduct structured evaluations with your staff?

When you sign up for HSN mentoring, an evaluation is included in the NEW onboarding process–so we do the work for you. 

Current HSN clients can purchase an evaluation if you signed up BEFORE they were added!

Our clearly defined rubric helps your coach feel confident working with paying nutrition clients post-training and allows our expert team to identify areas of support early on. 

Set the standard early. We can show you how. 

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