Top 5 Things your Nutrition Coach Needs to Be Successful

You have decided to start a nutrition program in your gym and you have found the perfect coach – hooray!


As a gym owner, how can you best support your nutrition coach so they are able to build a successful nutrition program? 


By providing them what they need to succeed!


Here are the top 5 things nutrition coaches need to build a booming nutrition business:


1. Tools

There are certain tools that your nutrition coach needs to effectively work with clients.

  • A tape measure
  • Biometric scale
  • Printer
  • Access to a computer
  • Folders for client resources
  • A place to meet with clients


As your nutrition program grows, this tool list may grow so clear communication between coach and owner is key!

2. Access

If you’re like most owners, you want your nutrition coach to take the nutrition program by the horns and grow it to its full potential.

While mentoring and accountability are important from an owner’s perspective, the ability to NOT micromanage the nutrition program is optimal.

This includes granting your nutrition coach access to directly manage:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Linktree
  • Website blogs
  • Social media scheduler
  • CRM / mass email tools like Mailchimp .


These are essential so they can create a CLEAR and CONSISTENT nutrition marketing campaign. 

3. Structured Accountability

Being there to support your nutrition coach is so important  – they rely on you for goal setting, support, mentorship and for brainstorming opportunities.

When you first launch, be prepared to carve out time weekly or biweekly to hash out social media schedules, nutrition hours, monthly metrics, growth opportunities AND to ensure your coach as all the tools they need to grow the nutrition program.

Those tools include those listed above as well as utilizing monthly mentoring calls with their HSN mentor and the wide variety of HSN resources available on their dashboard. 

4. A Supportive Staff

The best predictor of success is a supportive staff backing your nutrition program.

As the owner, buy-in with staff is your responsibility so make sure you are explaining WHY your nutrition program is beneficial to the majority of your membership and HOW they can help grow member success/satisfaction.

Including nutrition growth strategies during monthly staff meetings is a great way to standardize the process!

5. Opportunity to Grow

If you don’t currently offer a HYBRID OnRamp/Foundations for new member sign ups – then you aren’t providing your nutrition coach the opportunity to help those in need!

Start by adding 50% nutrition related questions to your free intro form and training all front-line staff to ensure a consistent intake process that INCLUDES nutrition coaching from day one!

Although there are many ways to support your coaches – this is a great place to start!  Which one do you think is most important??


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