5 Tips For Gym Owners To Support The Nutrition Coaching Program In Their Gym

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Are you a gym owner that offers a nutrition coaching program in your gym? If so – this article is for you!

Healthy Steps Nutrition has helped hundreds of gym owners run nutrition coaching programs in their gyms. We see what the most successful gyms are doing, vs. what the gyms that are not so successful are doing. One of the key differences between the two is the role that the gym owner takes with the nutrition coaching program.

At the end of the day we all want to help more people, and make more money. A thriving nutrition coaching program will provide both of these to gym owners, and nutrition coaches if it is run correctly.

In this article we will dive into several tips that will help gym owners gain valuable insight into how they can support their nutrition coaching program without actually being a nutrition coach.

Why Is A Gym Owners Role Important In A Nutrition Coaching Program?

nutrition coach and gym owner sitting at table meeting supporting the nutrition coaching program

A gym owner plays a pivotal role in supporting a nutrition coaching program, and their nutrition coach within the gym environment. They are leaders of the “ship” so to speak when it comes to their gym. Their values, vision and mission are part of the reason members join the gym, and staff want to work there. More likely than not, the gym owners beliefs involve members taking part in both fitness, and nutrition when it comes to them learning to live a healthy lifestyle. If this wasn’t the case, their wouldn’t be a nutrition coaching program to talk about, and you wouldn’t be reading this article.

But having the beliefs, and then relying solely on the rockstar nutrition coach to grow the program isn’t always enough in the micro-gym space. Because gym owners are so integrated into the day to day in these types of gyms, their support of the program is essential for it’s growth. Their role extends to creating an environment that aligns with healthy habits, and also reinforcing the nutrition coach’s guidance with clients. By endorsing the nutrition coaching program, gym owners elevate its credibility and encourage participation, enhancing the gym’s reputation as a destination for complete wellness solutions.

5 Tips For Gym Owners To Support Their Nutrition Coaches And Nutrition Program

nutrition coach communicating with a fitness member on a bike supporting the nutrition coaching program

Tip #1 - Ensure ALL staff members understand the nutrition program

Many times we see an amazing nutrition coach fail to get nutrition clients from the gym because none of the other coaching staff understands the nutrition program. It’s imperative that the gym owner facilitate education to all staff members about the nutrition program, the philosophy behind it, and how to get a client signed up for a free consultation should they express interest.

We suggest that before announcing the start of the program to members , the gym owner hold a staff meeting with the entire coaching staff to educate them about the program. From then on, the nutrition coach can update the coaching staff as needed. But, that initial education, and announcement to coaches should come from the gym owner.

This places emphasis on the integrity of the program, and solidifies with the entire coaching staff that the owner supports the program and the nutrition coaches role. It also ensures there is consistency with the messaging around the program.

One example of this comes into play when a fitness coach may be utilizing another nutrition program for themselves, and talking to members about their experience. The only nutrition program fitness coaches should be talking about inside of the gym is the gym’s program. Clearly communicating the expectation around this in that initial staff meeting will set expectations around the consistency,and standardization of messaging to current clients.

Tip #2 - Hold Regular Staff Meetings With Your Nutrition Coaches

nutrition coaches communicating in a meeting showing a nutrition coach a good fit

We suggest in the beginning of the program, and with new nutrition coaches that there are weekly meetings. As experience is gained, and the program moves into its 5th and 6th month, meetings should be held monthly.

Gyms that are part of the HSN Mentoring Program are provided with a monthly meeting guide to help facilitate these meetings. If you are not part of our program it’s important as an owner to take note of these things:

  1. How is the nutrition coach doing? What is going well? Do they need support from you in any way, even considering admin type support such as printer paper, ink, etc…

  2. Are there any opportunities your nutrition coach sees that you don’t see such as holding a seminar at a school, or a corporate opportunity

  3. What are the financial stats of the program; revenue, client load, ROI

  4. How are the coaching staff doing at promoting the program?

  5. Are all the tasks that keep the program On Track being done?

  6. Is the social media calendar updated and being followed?

  7. What is planned for future community engagement such as events and partnerships?

  8. Make sure action items are identified, and labeled with a name as to who is to complete the task whether it be the nutrition coach, or the owner.

Tip #3 - Attend Ongoing Support Opportunities And Training With Your Nutrition Coach

So many times we see gym owners MIA after the initial training for the program has taken place. This does not bode well for the long term success of the program. Just as many things in life evolve, so does a nutrition business. New tactics, and opportunities arise that the nutrition coach may need support with.

It’s important for the owner to stay up to date with new opportunities, and industry trends. Additionally, the owner should require the nutrition coach to attend monthly trainings, and continuing education so they can continue the highest level of support for their clients.

We suggest that owners and coaches attend at least one continuing education or support opportunity per month. Meeting together after participation is a great way to summarize the learning and discuss if there is opportunity to implement it for the gym’s program.

a group of nutrition coaches and gym owners at a continuing education event supporting their nutrition coaching program

Tip #4 - Implement Nutrition In Every Aspect Of The Gym As Possible

Many gym owners complain their nutrition program isn’t growing or bringing in enough revenue, however they are not doing everything they can to put the program in front of people.

Below are some questions to ask yourself. The answers will help you understand if there are any opportunities you are missing:

  1. Do you have a front end offer that includes fitness and nutrition in one package; ie. 12 week transformation

  2. Is there a nutrition board in your gym that highlights the program and lets members know how to get more info or sign up

  3. Do you have a wall of success that shows pictures of the clients who have had success from your program

  4. Do your fitness coaches ask a nutrition question of the day or week in class

  5. Does your nutrition coach promote themselves, and offer free nutrition tips in the members private group or coaching app

  6. When looking at your website is it clear that in addition to fitness coaching, you offer a nutrition program

  7. Are there as many posts on your social media platforms about nutrition as there are fitness

  8. Does the nutrition coach ever do free nutrition talks open to the public either virtually or in person

  9. Are member check ins being done on a bi yearly basis to help clients decipher goals and give them an opportunity to get on the InBody if you have one

If the answer is no to any of these, do what is necessary to turn the answer into a yes.

nutrition coach sitting across desk from client for a goal setting session supporting the nutrition coaching program

Tip #5 - Walk The Talk

As the gym owner it’s important that you are living the lifestyle you are suggesting others live. Your credibility will be tarnished if you are promoting healthy food choices plus health and wellness, but you are binging on beer and junk food on the regular.

Current and potential clients will not take you seriously, and they will wonder if the program is credible considering “the owners” lifestyle and eating habits.

One great way to showcase your belief in the program and nutrition coach is to actively participate, and showcase your story to members and on social media. Whether it be a weight loss journey you need the program for, or to just gain nutrition knowledge your story will resonate with someone watching.

a nutrition coach eating junk food not supporting the nutrition coaching program

Tip #6 - Share Client Stories

People buy from people. When they see someone else’s success they are much more likely to want to learn what that person did to get where they are.

Infographic client stories and testimonials are a great place to start. We suggest that gyms showcase client success through infographics on their social every two weeks.

When gym owners start adding audio and video testimonials, the likelihood that more people are reached is much greater. There is no need to have these videos professionally edited unless that is in the budget. Modern technology has so many options when it comes to video editing. When doing video testimonials in my gym, I utilize a wireless lavalier mic and my iPhone to make the video, and iMovie to edit it.

Part of a nutrition coaches role is to generate client success stories and testimonials. That being said, in many situations the nutrition coach will need support from the gym owner when it comes to actually getting these stories on social media. Support will come in the form of informing the coach of the day assigned to success story posts, having access to Canva to generate the infographic, and allowing the coach access to social platforms if there is not a social media manager for the facility.

two nutrition client success stories demonstrating the support of the nutrition coaching program

Wrap Up

If you are a gym owner reading this, and you are not doing everything you can to support your program, pick one tip from the list and start! Nothing happens overnight, however consistent effort over time will begin to yield some results.

Just like how your nutrition coach layers on one habit at a time with their clients that need to lose weight, you can layer one tip at a time with supporting your program. It’s not necessary to understand nutrition science, or even have a nutrition coaching certification to support your nutrition coach. You just need to listen, educate other staff, and take part in the the program.