5 Ways To Leverage The HSN App As You Transition To A Virtual Platform

Gyms who are providing their clients with individualized support to help them find a new normal in combination with community engagement are retaining over 90% of their members. 

Monday’s podcast guest, Kayla Pollock, talks about how they converted all of their members to a virtual platform and actually added clients utilizing the HSN App. 

As a gym owner, you have to pivot to a virtual platform or you might not have a business left when you are allowed to reopen after the coronavirus. In order to do that, you need a streamlined platform to manage your clients. 

If you don’t have a streamlined platform, your clients will be texting, Facebook messaging, emailing you and your coaches and it will be impossible to keep track of conversations.  

Instead, gyms using the HSN Mentoring Platform are adding all of their clients, not just nutrition clients, into the HSN App. This allows for one streamlined form of communication and automations which is key when you are providing individualized support for every member. 

Today, there are over 19,000 active clients within the HSN App! 


Here are 5 Ways To Leverage the HSN App:


Creating Custom Habits:

Your clients are looking for help to find a new normal. Helping your clients create custom habits is how to help your clients find a new normal. I worked with the developers of Trainerize for over 18 months to add this feature inside the app. In fact, the main developer signed up as a nutrition client for over six months to see exactly what they need to support our clients. 

Ashley, our Director of Nutrition Education at Healthy Steps Nutrition released a Master Habits course to help Nutrition Coaches using the HSN Mentoring platform understand how to triage and create appropriate habits that stick. 


Automatic Programs: 

Last year, we hired a professional videographer to make over 150 videos for the HSN App. These videos include nutrition tips, psychology tips, kitchen tips and popular recipes. 

We have organized these videos into different programs — 12-week custom programs, 6-week challenge and 28-day challenge. 

Gyms using the HSN Mentoring platform can add their own videos but they start with our bank of automated programs. By using the automated programs, you can save time on the back-end and focus on the face-to-face contact with your clients virtually. 


Tracking Biometrics & Progress Photos: 

You might not be able to scan your clients in the office but you do need to get creative to track your clients progress. Within the app, there are diagrams for your clients to take their own measurements and take progress photos. These numbers are pulled in a graph so it’s easy for clients to track numbers going down.

Another idea, have your clients try on their “skinny” jeans every week and see how they are feeling in them. If you are wearing workout pants every day because you are working from home, it can be tough to feel the changes in your cloths!


Private & Group Messaging: 

Streamlining communication so that it is all in one place is key when managing large groups (all your members). Through the private messaging through the app allows you to have one platform to manage all your clients. You can even schedule messages to your clients based on what they are working on and their custom habits.

Through the app, you can also create a group. You can send messages, pictures and links through the group. Now, your members who aren’t on facebook won’t feel left out.

Streamlining communication makes it easy to manage more clients in less time.


Easy Calendar View For Tracking Client Progress:

Through the calendar view, you can easily track to see if clients are completing the habits you create for them, schedule messages to your clients and even see the foods, calories and macros if a clients in logging their food in the FitBit app or MyFitnessPal.

We recommend that every client is added within the app and they work individually with their coach to create a custom habit. The coach will follow-up with them weekly to track and see if the client is completing that habit.

When clients hit mark “complete”, the yellow circle becomes filled in and it’s easy to see if clients are completing the habit they are working on. You can see the calories a client has logged through MyFitnessPal or the FitBit app easily in the calendar view of a client’s profile.

If a client has their diary syncing on in MyFitnessPal, you can see the food that they have logged for the day. This allows you to easily give your clients a feedback loop, not just looking at numbers but looking at the quality of foods they are eating if they are logging in MyFitnessPal.

Gyms are telling us, “Thank goodness we have the app. This is our retention strategy.”

To retain clients, you need to provide individualized support. This looks like meeting clients where they are at and focusing on healthy habits to create a new normal. Utilizing the HSN App to track habits allows you to have a streamlined form of communication. 

The HSN App is included in the monthly membership subscription of HSN. When providing individual coaching through a professional medium virtually saves 1.5 members from canceling or freezing their membership, you have paid for your monthly subscription. 

Best of all, gyms using the HSN Mentoring platform are actually adding nutrition clients because people need help more now than ever to dial in their nutrition and stay on track while stuck at home due to the coronavirus! 

As a gym owner, you can turn this obstacle into an opportunity to help your members find a new normal and

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