The Nutrition Business Virtual Workshop is a one-day event consisting of presentations, application and breakout sessions led by the HSN Mentoring Leadership Team! 


Presentation Topics: 

  • Marketing: 4 Steps To Bridge The Gap Between The Problem & Your Solution

  • Member Retention: 4 Strategies You Need To Implement Today

  • FAD Diets: How To Be The Guide & Flexible With Your Approach

  • 4 Steps To Scaling Your Business: How To Diversify Revenue Without Compromising Your Vision


This event will not only help you understand how to build a robust nutrition program, it will also help you level-up your business and add additional revenue! 


Join the Nutrition Business Virtual Workshop LIVE to participate in the breakout sessions, ask questions and ensure you are doing it right!


How many times have you been to a conference or webinar thinking all the information was great but you never really applied that information to your business?


During this Nutrition Business Virtual Workshop, you will work with the Nutrition Business Experts to ensure you are doing it right! 


Event tickets are only $169.